10 Smart Storage Ideas Into Behind The Door


Every home definitely needs a storage area to organize and organize things. The more items you have, of course, it requires a little creativity so that your storage area can work optimally. Starting from clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils, to a variety of versatile items. Generally, each of these items is stored in a special place such as a certain cupboard or shelf, but somehow you still lack a place to store it.

Not infrequently the existing storage area is still not enough to accommodate various items so that they can be neatly organized. As a result, these various items will be placed carelessly which makes the house look messy. In this post, I want to inspire you with the idea of behind the door storage, of course supported by certain shelves or storage frames to make it easier when you want to organize things.

This idea can also be the right solution for those of you who need extra storage space. Want to know what it’s like? Here are ten behind the door storages for you to try at home!

Adorable accessory storage


It has become a habit that many people like to hang anything behind the door, but not infrequently it looks unkempt. Try using a more attractive shelf or storage unit so it doesn’t look boring and try to combine it with accessories storage with adorable colors.

Bag baskets and hanging shelves


Now you can use your closet doors as extra storage. Place a basket behind the wardrobe door as a place to store bags and several shelves to hang other collections.

Practical shoe rack


Sometimes we always have trouble when we want to store various collections of shoes. Though shoes do not have to be stored in a shoe rack or a special cupboard. This shoe rack idea is very creative by utilizing the width of the door to accommodate more of your shoe collection.

Kitchen storage rack


When we talk about kitchen storage then we will be faced with so many kitchen materials and jars to store them. Instead of having to use an exposed spice rack, you can tidy it up by making a kitchen storage area behind the door.

Hanging rack for men


Men usually do not want to feel complicated when storing their belongings. The easier it is to access and find it is more than enough. Various men’s accessories such as watches, wallets, ties or even notebooks are also very practical to store on this hanging shelf.

Hidden wardrobes and storage behind doors


If previously we have seen minimalist storage ideas for men, this time there is a hidden closet to accommodate more clothes and accessories. Not only that, this cupboard door also provides an easily accessible storage area.

Versatile tool rack


Storage behind the door can also be used for a variety of versatile equipment such as utensils or other household items. Besides being more organized, this versatile tool rack is easier to reach when needed.

Sewing storage basket


For those of you who like or have a hobby of sewing and knitting, you can use this storage idea. Since sewing kits usually require a variety of threads and other tools, you can use a basket and hang it behind the door to hold it all.

Simple and minimalist storage


You don’t have to always store a lot of things and accessories, a simple and minimalist storage style also looks trendy and makes the room look aesthetic.

Pouch-style storage


Pouch storage is the most common and often encountered. In addition to creating a stylish storage design, pocket storage also protects your belongings from dust and dirt.

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