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Guys, whats up? Today is my baby shower so I thought it would be so fitting to showcase what is actually on my baby registry.

Now let’s get real here. One of the reasons I didn’t want to tell anyone the gender is because I didn’t want a bunch of colored clothes, toys, appliances, etc. I wanted to keep it super neutral. To be honest, I want to get to know our baby before I started imposing a style on it.

The baby shower is at The Beverly Hills Hotel & we;re doing a co-ed, boozy brunch. We want everyone to get nice & toasty. Of course I’ll share TONS more details, but that’s not what this post is about. A lot of you have asked me about this, so here we are.

I really don’t want this blog to turn into a pregnancy/baby blog, but it is a journey that I want you guys to come on with me. So if you’re not into babies, aren’t planning on having one, aren’t pregnant, don’t want to be, skip this post & head on over to how to get the best blowout ever.

My friend Gillian totally deserves a shout out here. She gave me this list with all her notes & just really gave me a whole breakdown. Gillian is one of my best friends & the mother of my goddaughter, Coco. She knows what’s up, she knows babies, & has style.

Alright, on that note, let me break down exactly what’s on the registry & why.

♡ Apparel & Bedding ♡
Barefoot Dreams bamboo beanie

I feel like this is so chic to cover a baby’s head & it’s totally important to keep their heads warm.

Barefoot Dreams bamboo socks

Obviously need socks to go with the beanie. We want to keep it cute & matching over here.

white bodysuits

Simple white onesies. I don’t want a lot of color to start & white feels peaceful & calm.

magic sleep suit

Apparently this is really comforting & calming for the baby, especially when they grow out of swaddles.

muslin sleep sack

I’ve heard these are safer than blankets, & also the baby can’t kick it off.

Barefoot Dreams baby blanket

This is essential because I’m obsessed with my ‘Kardashian’ blanket. The comfiest thing in the world so my baby needs one. Sidenote: take pregnancy out of the equation & just get one for yourself. More here.

Barefoot Dreams blanket buddy

Again, just keeping things cohesive over here.

DockATot Deluxe

Gillian says this is like a cozy baby holder that I can’t live without. It goes in a bassinet or crib, or in our bed with us ( I know, I know, you need to be careful when co-sleeping & with baby loungers. I get it. ).

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♡ Diapering ♡
cloth diapers

These have been recommended & I’m going to try it out. I’m not making any promises though.

odor locking diaper pail & bags & charcoal deodorizers

No one wants the whole room to smell like piss & shit so this should be handy. It locks in odors of the diapers & fits about 55 dirty diapers.

Honest diapers

I’ve done a tour of the Honest headquarters & had Jessica Alba & Cash Warren on the podcast so I have MASSIVE respect for Honest. They just get it, so I’ll be using their diapers, wipes & other products.

diaper rash cream

I mean, do I need ot explain this? It’s natural & gentle, obviously.

on-the-go baby toiletry kit

this is so efficient for us traveling & moving around. Just having it ready to go will be a bit of a time saver. There will still be a lot of movement when the baby comes & Michael will LOVE having this all prepacked & ready to go.

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♡ Feeding ♡
Dr. Brown’s bottles & bottle brushes & nipples

I’ve heard these are really good because they’re anti-colic so they prevent burping, spit-up & gas. Also the flow is closest to nursing.

bottle sterilizer

This is self explanatory. Gillian recommends this & it looks chic on her kitchen counter ( I’ve seen it ).

orthodontic pacifiers

These came highly recommended by multiple moms. If anyone has ones they like the best, I’m all ears.

fruit feeder pacifiers

You’re supposed to put frozen fruit or even milk in these. It works as a teether & also helps with the introduction of food ( once they’re a bit older ).

Boon drying grass

Little drying rack to hold bottles, nipples, toys, etc. upright. Lot’s of people recommend this.

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♡ Bath & Cleaning ♡
Dreft baby laundry detergent

This should not surprise you at all. Of course I want my baby to have its own detergent- the best of the best. Obviously it has to be super gentle because they’ll be wrapped in it all day every day.

Babyganics alcohol-free hand sanitizer

This is a hand soap that uses citrus instead of alcohol as a preservative. It’s gentle & moisturizing but still kills 99.9% of bacteria. It’s a thing that everyone has to wash their hands before they touch the baby right?

Mustela baby oil

Are you shocked my baby will have its own oil? This is safe for newborns & all natural. So nice for after a bath.

konjac baby bath sponge

This is an extra gentle, extra safe sponge for bath time. There are no nasties: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, additives & it’s cruelty free. You can actually use less soap & still get a big lather.


Obviously for when the baby is sick or we think it has a fever. This one reads the forehead & ear.

baby monitor & breathing monitor system

These are Michael’s recommendations. He’s a psycho. He has a Nest cam for our dogs, so it’s no surprise he wants to watch the baby 24/7.

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So there you have it- my very gender neutral baby must-haves. We didn’t want to go crazy & have people bring us these big gifts so we went really micro on what we asked for. At the end of the day though, we don’t even expect gifts. We just want people to come celebrate, get drunk, & have fun.

Will be sharing all the deets on decor, venue, food, drinks, theme etc. It’ll be like you guys were there. If you’re pregnant get the kombucha & if you’re not, grab a skinny marg.

Ok, I’m off to celebrate the baby & I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

x, lauryn

+ if you’re into party planning scope my sister-in-law’s baby shower here.

++ stalk my pregnancy announcement here.

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