25 Clever And Functional Toy Storage Ideas


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Anyone who’s ever stepped on a tiny LEGO piece can appreciate the benefit of keeping toys organized. Leaving playtime items strewn about is a potential hazard for delicate feet — and visual clutter that can cause undue stress. Toys left lying around are more likely to experience premature wear and tear, and smaller items might end up lost, never to be seen again.

Whether you’re blessed with a spacious playroom, or you need to stow toys in a cramped, multi-purpose space, read on to discover our favorite toy storage ideas to suit a variety of needs.
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Dump everything in a basket. What’s easier than that? Slide them into cubbyhole furniture and keep the mess hidden from view. When it’s time for grownups to use the space, it’ll be clear of kid-related clutter.

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If you have the closet space, this adorable basket-based kid station is a wonderful idea. I’m particularly fond of the dress-up baskets. How cute!
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Even though the chaos will ensue. Everything can quickly be put back in its place in this functional organized space. . . . . . #SDNEAT #bookshelf #kidsroomdecor #kidsroomdesign #modernkids #toystorage #playroom #nursery #livecolorfully #NEAT #getorganized #stayorganized #functionalspace #forkids #labellove #smallstorage #childrensbookshelf #childrensbooks #lessismore #thatsgoodhousekeeping #realsimple #theNEATlife #getNEAT #organizedkidsroom #organize #professionalorganizer #livesimply #interiordetails #rainbowcolors #colorcoded

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Cubbyhole furniture is great for storing toys, and it’s easy to find this type of storage piece at a variety of price points. A unit with clear bins allows kids to easily spot toys when it’s playtime. Or try an open shelving configuration and display toys like artwork, turning them into decor pieces. Combine book storage with clearly labeled bins for a versatile all-in-one kid-friendly unit.
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Let’s take a peek into my boys’ playroom! See my highlight PLAYROOM on profile for the full space I shared last month! ⁣ ⁣ Having this storage solution has changed the game in our home. I knew I needed to create a system for my kids’ toys because everything was starting to pile up. Then I added my custom labels to help teach them how to clean up. ⁣ ⁣ We pick up everyday before nap and bed time, and love starting fresh in the morning. Now our home isn’t always perfectly organized, but little investments like this can make a world of a difference in anyone’s home, and have especially worked in ours! ⁣ ⁣ Have you invested in any kind of storage solution that has helped your kids keep their toys in a home? It’s definitely a must do we recommend to all clients! ⁣ ⁣ Want to see more organizational goodies? Download the app, and come follow me @organizebham. You can immediately shop my favorite solutions like this one! #liketkit⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #organizebham #playroom #sunrooms #sunroomdecor #toystorage #ikea #playroomideas #playspace #imaginativeplay #childminder #childledplay #playtolearn #realhomesofinstagram #dailyhomeshare #myhousedownsouth #playroomdesign #toyroom #organizedmom #learningthroughplay #housebeautiful #hingemystorage #ikeausa #tidyhouse #ltkkids #ltkfamily #momoftwo #kidspiration #ourkidslivehere #momofboys

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This space combines neat and tidy wall shelving with clever under-the-table bins for LEGO pieces. The area is kid-friendly but cozy enough for adults to hang around, too. Bins are clearly labeled and easy to slide out, but you might not notice it’s a toy station unless you looked closely.
Sliding Buckets
This sliding bucket system is great for storing larger toys, and the wooden unit that houses the bins also doubles as shelving. It’s a cute recreation station for kids that keeps everything in one place.
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This charming room is an excellent example of what to do in a space for younger children who may not yet have a hoard of toys. The rustic wooden shelving hosts a collection of books, and the labeled baskets house a selection of toys.
Hammock For Stuffies
Go upward when searching for storage space for stuffed animals. These wall anchored hammocks are the cutest little spots for stuffies to hang.
Find it at Amazon Simple Fabric Storage Bins
Fabric bins are excellent toy storage ideas. They’re low cost, available in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, and they’re lightweight enough to tote from room to room. Most fabric bins are machine-washable, too. It’s super easy to toss toys inside so end-of-day cleanup is quick.
Find it at Amazon Storage Pouch
Check out this neat toy storage idea. If your child loves playing with LEGOs or other toys made up of small pieces, this will keep everything in one place. When kids are done playing, simply pull up the pouch and put it away.
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Make toy storage a super fun part of your little one's nursery decor!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #nurseryinspo #mamahood #momlife #mumsworld #toystorage #organizedliving #tidyhomes #parentinghacks #nurseryinspo #babyproducts #kidsproducts ⁠

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Use the ceiling to hang stuffed animals and keep them off the bed. It’s not only a great storage solution. The vertically hung stuffies look like another piece of room decor. If you don’t like the idea of hanging the toys on a simple string, try something different like arranging them in planters or hanging baskets.
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Now THAT’S what I call storage in the kid’s room!!! Epic room via

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Give older kids extra storage room by installing a loft bed. You’ll free up ample floor space for all sorts of storage. This wooden structure features plenty of bins for toys, and there’s even a basketball hoop attached.
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Three under the bed “parking garages” for matchbox cars, Hess trucks and monster trucks. A simple use of space under the bed. The key here? Don’t put the lids on them! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But why? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Because your kid is going to be way more likely to slide it out 4-6 inches to thrown their matchbox car in there rather than pull the whole box out to get the lid off to return just one item! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #toystorage #matchboxcars #hesstrucks #bedroomorganization #organizedlife #getorganized #professionalorganizer #simplesolutions #simplifyyourlife #simplifiedlife #toystoragesolutions

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Utilizing space down under is the classic way to store toys when you’re short on room. Open bins like these make it easy for kids to clean up after play.
Personalized Chest
How adorable is this personality toy chest? Why not try to DIY? Add padding to the top and turn it into a sitting area for a child who loves to read. You don’t have to stuff it with toys. Store books inside. Not all bedrooms have enough wall space for shelving.
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Not everyone has the space or budget for a separate playroom area, so frequently, the living room becomes the family hub where children play. Keep toys out of the way with a storage coffee table.
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I love how the Nordic Bins from @thecontainerstore disappear in this family room cabinet for toy storage. . . Such a simple change has such a huge impact. . . #neatshoppe #simplyorganized #containerstore #toystorage #familyroom #organized #arlingtonheights

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If all the space you have is inside a cupboard, use inexpensive bins like these to keep everything organized and prevent mix-ups.
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Beep beep! Organizational storage is an essential part of maintaining an efficient household. . . We were going crazy over here stepping on trucks, tractors, and fire engines. We bought a simple $16 shoe rack, some electrical tape, and molding and created an interactive vehicle garage! Great to look at, perfect for storage (or truck parking depending if you’re a parent or a 2 year old!), and all trucks are now off the floor! . . #organization #storage #lifeskills #life #skills #hacks #shoerackhack #trucks #toy #toys #toystorage #organize

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Check out this super simple but ultra-smart toy vehicle storage spot that features parking space decals. It’s way more fun than a boring bin, and kids can incorporate it in their play.
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Can we talk about LEGO? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, if you have kids, you’ve probably stepped on #lego countless times. As an Ex Early Childhood Educator, I looooove working with kids on #organizing their toys. . Involve children and you will have “buy in” when it’s time to #tidyup because they will feel a sense of ownership over their belongings, which means that they are more likely to want to take care of them. . Here’s an 8 year old’s closet/toy storage #beforeandafter . He decided what #categories to sort his #toys and #legocollection into. He taught me so much and I was incredibly amazed at how he knew just what set any tiny piece belonged to. . Each #sterilitecontainer was labelled by him. . . . . #sosmyspace #professionalorganizer #professionalorganizersincanada #organizingwithkids #organizingkidsrooms #toystorage #closetorganization #nerf #nerfammoeverywhere #nerfammobox #legostarwars #legominifigures #grosserygang #armyactionfigures #adventcalendarlego

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Labels are my favorite thing. They’re especially useful for storing different LEGO collections.
Wall Shelving For Kids Books
This cute little library is the perfect way to display your child’s book collection. It almost looks like sculpture!
Find it at Wayfair Open Bin Furniture Piece
A big open bin makes it easy for kids to put away toys at the end of playtime.
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We all know how painful it is when we step on a rogue piece of this @*#% No need to worry now, our personalised lego crate is a serious lifesaver for all those pesky little colour pieces You're welcome

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If you’re on a tight budget and need a cheap storage idea, use wooden crates to stow toys. They’re durable, stackable, and you can add decals or paint them.
Lego Table With Storage
This cool LEGO play table keeps pieces all in one spot. Pieces are within easy reach for eager builders, and there’s less risk of stepping on wayward pieces when everything is happening on the tabletop.
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Love a simple window seat with storage…particularly great in a kids playroom…. here is a little inspiration … #inspiration #storage #organise #playrooms #styling #kidsspace #toystorage #bookstorage #seating #homestyling #interiors #interiordesign #simplethings #simplestyling

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Hidden storage is the best storage! You wouldn’t even know there’s a bunch of toys under that cozy seat. It’s a spot for caregiver and child to read stories and bond.
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You won’t have trouble finding one of these inexpensive plastic bins online or at a local home goods store.

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Amp it up by adding decals, or paint it to feature your child’s favorite characters.
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Easy LEGO clipboard display DIY:⁣ ⁣ 1⃣ you’ll need a clipboard and nine 2×4 bricks in the color of your choice! ⁣ 2⃣ use a ruler to measure out each row of bricks so they line up. ⁣ 3⃣ glue down the legos on the long side using e6000 (use outdoors as the odor is very strong!!)⁣ 4⃣ once the glue has dried, attach your favorite mini figures to the LEGO bricks! Poke a push pin into the wall and hang the clipboard by the hole in the clip! ⁣ ⁣ This would make a great display for your classroom, play room, or kids bedroom!

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Check out this shelving unit for minifigs. It fits up to 150 of the little guys and is cheap and easy to DIY.
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New in not our usual kind of thing but I love how much space this has and what a multitude of spaces it could work in. Toy storage is what’s currently dominating our needs at home ! I think it’d look great in a small persons room and the toys would be easily accessible too . . #vintageinteriors #vintagekids #vintagekidsroom #kidsroominspo #kidsroomdesign #storagesolutions #vintagehome #kidsvintage #toystorage #toystorageideas #vintagehomestyle #ohsoretrovintage

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A dresser isn’t just for clothes.

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One with horizontally opening doors can serve as a spot for toy storage if you’re short on space elsewhere.
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New addition to the kitchen, the kid crap was definitely taking over so it’s now lovely and organised. Tiggy is book obsessed at the moment so it will be nice to have somewhere to put them at the end of the day rather than the floor library we were previously rocking! #cotswoldco #toystorage #kitchenlife #toddlerlife

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Use a bookshelf with decorative accents to store both toys and books. At a young age, most kids don’t have enough books to fill up a whole shelf, so use the empty space for all kinds of toys, instead.
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