7 Minimalist Homes in Singapore Marie Kondo Will Be Proud Of


The minimalist style, while somewhat off the radar in the interior design scene for a while, is now back on trend. And homes in Singapore have embraced it more than ever. Sometimes surreal, often serene, but always stylish, minimalist homes are the answer to our very hectic and cluttered lives.

They may look easy to design, but a well-thought-out minimalist sanctuary requires plenty of attention to details. We seek out some of the best, highlighting the details that have gone into the design of these minimalist homes.

1. Bishan Apartment by D’ Initial Concept

minimalist home in singapore

Design highlights:

  • White plastered walls with recessed shelving in the living room and the bedroom offer display and storage space.
  • Minimalist design, but making a strong visual statement with curves and arches. You see it in the arches to break up the lines in the communal areas, customised curved doors, the curved kitchen peninsula counter, the curved-edge shoe cabinet bench, and the curved privacy screen in the bedroom.
  • Unlike the rest of the spaces, which come with screed-like flooring, the kitchen features wood flooring to warm things up in the cooking space.
  • Textiles and a gorgeous solid wood dining table were used to create warmth in the rest of the space.

2. Sumang Walk Apartment by The Local Inn.terior

Design highlights:

  • Lots of cleverly hidden lighting to create mood, design interest and warmth in this neutral-hued home. Our favourite has to be the hallway’s recessed lights and the foyer’s concealed lighting.
  • Concealed storage panels near the entrance of the home to hide away clutter and everyday life.
  • The TV wall, with the TV and media units recessed, features a curved element to break up the expected.
  • A dedicated vanity space concealed within the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom.

3. Bukit Panjang Apartment by In-Expat

Design highlights:

  • A monochrome theme, the epitome of minimalism. The dining space is defined by swathing the nearby walls black. Thanks to its location near the window, this eating area doesn’t feel too closed in or dark.
  • Wood floors and furniture, greenery and leather furniture bring a sense of nature into the home.
  • Metallic finishes throughout the flat lend a sense of opulence. Worthy of note are the custom wardrobe handles as well as the painted glass kitchen backsplash.

4. Yishun Apartment by Kuro+Kagi

Design highlights:

  • Rather than interpret minimalism as an absence of colour, this designer made use of warm and subtle hues, including olive, navy and mustard, to enliven this minimalist space.
  • Wood was also predominantly used amidst the white foundation to create textural interest and to bring in warmth.
  • Recessed shelves in the living room feature a wood base to draw parallels to the wood-clad built-in storage located next to them.
  • Floors are cement screed for a pared-back look.
  • In the bedroom, the bed sits atop a wooden platform that features a lean table by the side to serve as a nightstand and a casual workstation.
  • Rather than opt for off-the-rack pulls or knobs, the cabinet and wardrobe handles were specially designed and crafted from the same carpentry work in line with the minimalist style.

5. Bukit Panjang Apartment by Authors Interior & Styling

Design highlights:

  • Using light woods and white to bring about a soothing atmosphere to this home.
  • The kitchen cabinet handles were designed to run the length of the cabinet so they appear like an extra design detail rather than a handle.
  • Part of the island features fluted details for extra interest. The edge is carved out as legroom in order to provide a comfortable spot for casual dining.
  • A hefty marble grain vanity offers a sense of luxury amidst the black-and-white bathroom.

6. Henderson Apartment by Van Hus Interior Design

Design highlights:

  • In the living room, the study is enclosed behind full glass panels. The black borders offer extra support for safety without impeding the sleek appearance.
  • A granite backsplash pops against the chic, all-black kitchen. This style is similarly replicated in the bathroom, with the marble grain vanity counter as well as the recessed shower shelves.
  • Long strips of LED lights are found throughout the home, lending form as much as function.
  • The built-in wardrobe is embedded with an ironing board, making it extra convenient to stow away clothes after ironing.
  • The wardrobe also features a vertical strip of open compartments for displaying the homeowner’s collection of designer bags.

7. Apartment by The Association

Design highlights:

  • To make the entrance into the bedroom less jarring in the living room, the door was made to blend in with the fluted TV feature wall. This was similarly done for the common bathroom entrance in the kitchen.
  • A variety of wood tones and textures were used to avoid a monotonous look in the apartment.
  • The kitchen is a minimalist, sleek space, with a single island dominating the area. The full-height storage, concealed home bar and pantry (behind pocket doors) and the built-in appliances keep it looking neat and clutter-free.
  • Fluted details appear once again in the bathroom, standing out against the concrete-like tiles.
  • A petite workstation was designed at the end of the built-in wardrobe in the bedroom.

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