75 Epic Microwave Fails From All Around The Net (New Pics)


Many people, including us, have what we think is a rather peculiar relationship with technology. Household appliances sometimes feel like they have a life of their own. And you have to know how to coax them to do what they were built for. We find microwaves, in particular, to be extremely temperamental! And we’re not alone.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the unluckiest and most painful microwave heating fails from around the net. Scroll down, upvote the pics that made you cringe the hardest, and remember to always, always treat tech with respect and to put your safety first.

#1 My Microwave Just Called Me A Child For Hitting On Its Top For 4 Times Because The Timer Was All Screwed Up

Image credits: lyricmeowmeow

#2 My Dad Told Me To Put A CD In The Microwave

Image credits: BurningVShadow

#3 Thawing Chorizo In A Microwave

Image credits: livinlrginchitwn

If you ever wonder whether or not you can safely microwave something, it’s really not a sign of weakness to take the time to do some honest research. Sure, you might be hungry, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially where home appliances are concerned. The last thing you want is to start an electrical fire at home because you wanted some popcorn.

If you don’t happen to have your microwave oven’s manual, it’s best to do some Googling. Don’t just rely on half-remembered myths about what is and isn’t safe to pop in the oven. One thing that you definitely don’t want to microwave is aluminum foil. It burns and ignites and can be incredibly dangerous. So, first off, avoid placing aluminum or any other metal inside the appliance. That means no forks in plates of takeaway and no spoons in mugs either!

#4 This Is My Luck

Image credits: johnnyditt

#5 After 60 Hours Of No Power In Middle Of Freezing Winter, I Got Electricity For An Hour And I Thought That It Would Be A Good Idea To Thaw Frozen Honey But I Forgot To Open Lid

Image credits: sigsegv7

#6 Listen, Britney, All I Wanted Was Some Hot Chocolate Before Bed

Image credits: poncearoo

You also want to avoid microwaving run-of-the-mill paper bags. For instance, ‘American Home Shield’ points out that popcorn usually comes in bags that have susceptors that ‘eat up’ the radio waves that your microwave oven produces, and are safe to use. However, regular grocery bags would catch fire.

#7 Thought The Clock On My Microwave Was Glitching, Turns Out There Is A Cockroach Stuck In It

Image credits: happycamper1377

#8 My 9-Year-Old Sister Destroyed Our Microwave Doing A “Tik Tok Life Hack” (The Starburst Melted Into The Actual Microwave)

Image credits: Agent-Ace

#9 Just Tried (And Failed) To Install My New $450 Microwave. It Was On The Ice Chest When I Went To Grab A Drill And The Cat Knocked It Off

Image credits: diverareyouok

Similarly, you don’t want to microwave any plastic grocery bags, either! Heating plastic up can release hazardous materials. Plastic containers are generally a big no-no, too, unless specifically stated that they’re safe for heating.

The same goes for travel mugs. If it has steel or isn’t labeled as microwave-safe, don’t plop it in the microwave oven. Opt for a regular mug, instead. 

#10 Friend Of Mine Hid My AirPods In A Box Of Chicken Nuggets That I Proceeded To Microwave Without Opening The Box

Image credits: Masterzombie26

#11 Accidentally Set The Timer For 20 Minutes And Walked Away

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#12 Was Cooking Sunnyside Eggs In A Cup In The Microwave But It Exploded All Over My Shirt And Hand As I Grabbed The Handle

Image credits: karto2287

Though it’s obvious to most of us (well, hopefully…), you really shouldn’t be drying your clothes in the oven either. That’s what dryers are for. Or go the simple route and just hang your clothing on a rack or line. Microwaving your wet dress shirt before an important meeting isn’t how you want to start your day, believe us!

#13 Toddler Learned How To Use The Microwave

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#14 Don't Try To Microwave An Avocado

Image credits: taffelost

#15 Microwave Door Blew Up. House Built One Year Ago

Image credits: 9inchsofty

Furthermore, you should avoid microwaving hardboiled eggs (they’ll explode, or rather, eggsplode) and hot peppers (they can cause fires and will release chemicals that can burn your eyes). Also, steer clear of heating up styrofoam containers and Chinese takeout boxes. You should also avoid turning on the microwave without anything inside because it may damage the appliance!

#16 When Your Kid Puts A Plastic Bottle In The Microwave And It Explodes

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#17 The New Jar Of Nutella My Girlfriend Tried To Heat In The Microwave

Image credits: aintx

#18 My Microwave Lunch Jumped Up And Flipped

Image credits: Woodwickward

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should never plug microwave ovens into extension cords. Always plug them directly into the wall outlet. The organization also warns not to open the oven too quickly: do it slowly and away from your face to avoid getting burned by the steam.

#19 Bought A Microwave Via Online For My Staying At Campus. I'm Leaving Tomorrow But The Microwave Arrived Today

Image credits: z3z0

#20 Ever Microwaved A Porcelain Mug For Tea But Forgot The Water?

Image credits: leave_it_to_beavers

#21 8-Year-Old Remembered To Take The Foil Flavor Packet Out. She Forgot To Add Water

Image credits: motomermaid

What’s more, microwaves can and do heat food unevenly, so you ought to stir the food, say, before giving it to your kids. You don’t want them burning their mouths. The NFPA also warns to never microwave baby bottles for the same reason. Instead, warm them in a bowl or under the tap, but make sure you're not using hot water to do so.

#22 I Will Match Your Burnt Popcorn And Raise You A Burnt Macaroni And Cheese Up Without The Water

Image credits: shalene.bowlby

#23 Microwaved My Instant Lunch, Only To Find Out I Forgot To Add The Water

Image credits: FoxMcCloud3173

#24 My Wife’s Favorite Night Time Snack. Microwave The Pepperonis Until They Are Finished Bleeding Horrible Yellow Oil

Image credits: theholidayham

Some research has shown that microwaving food can lead to some loss in its nutritional value. Other research indicates that the story isn’t so black-and-white. The BBC reports that shorter cooking times don’t compromise nutrition (that’s one minute for broccoli). However, this will depend on what veggie you’re heating up and how much water you might be using, so there’s no easy answer here. 

#25 Ever Wondered What Happens When You Microwave A Frozen Uncooked Croissant? Wonder No More

Image credits: the_highway_skyline

#26 Microwaved Cookie I Made At Midnight

Image credits: Leafyleaf14

#27 When Only 4 Seconds Are Left... Never Ever Will Try Cooking Eggs In The Microwave

Image credits:

Which of the microwave fails in this list made you facepalm the hardest? Have you every made any major mistakes while heating up food? Share your (embarrassing) experiences in the comments. And for some more epic microwave mistakes, take a peek at our previous feature right here.

#28 I Went To Microwave Some Delicious Leftovers At Work And Heard A Pop

Image credits: fn21877

#29 This Happened When I Put Cream In The Microwave

Image credits: Gustenpunkt

#30 Tried To Make A Mug Cake. One Minute Later My Microwave Birthed This Monstrosity

Image credits: carolbaskinsexhusban

#31 My Microwave Caught On Fire

Image credits: sprinkydinks73

#32 My Microwave Noodles Came In A Bowl That Is Not Microwave-Safe

Image credits: Mesoscale92

#33 My Mom Wanted To Make Tea But Instead Of Asking For Help With The Electric Kettle She Microwaved My Chargeable Self Heating Mug And Caught It On Fire

Image credits: teajoeytristian

#34 My Coffee Was Cold. So I Microwaved It. I've Had This Mug For 4 Years And Never Looked At The Bottom I Guess

Image credits: enderjackcat

#35 My Son Tried To Microwave An Oreo And Burned It, It Left An Imprint On The Plate

Image credits: veno_mex

#36 Trying To Reheat Breakfast, Heard A High-Pitch Whirr, And A Pop... My Microwave Was On Fire

Image credits: whisperskeep

#37 So This Has Never Happened Before. I Was Heating Up Taco Beef In The Microwave And Take It Out After 50 Seconds. The Bottom Broke Out. I Guess They Do Break

Image credits: puzzlesandragdolls

#38 Someone Broke My Microwave By Microwaving Something Metal, Probably A Camera

Image credits: freestew

#39 Mom Spray-Painted A Perfectly Good Microwave With Fridge To Match

Image credits: BeanFrank2

#40 Tried To Heat Up My Dinner. The Plate Just Exploded In The Microwave

Image credits: matyko20

#41 Pyrex Bowl Shattered After 10 Seconds In The Microwave. Bummed I Lost The Yummy Taters More Than The Bowl

Image credits: SuperDizz

#42 It's Probably My Fault For Microwaving Bacon

Image credits: KhariTheFirst

#43 Lesson Learned. Quinoa Packages Have A Hard Time Limit In The Microwave

Image credits: Fireatwijj77

#44 My Seven-Year-Old Brother Put Ramen In The Microwave With No Water

Image credits: millie1014

#45 Mom Doing Christmas Baking And Was Trying To Soften/Melt Some White Chocolate In The Microwave. Ended Up Burning A Whole Bar

Image credits: VoltLight08

#46 Today I Learned That 3 Minutes Is Too Long To Microwave Milk

Image credits: iRandyP

#47 This Girl Got Her AirPods Wet So Put Them On The Microwave To Dry Them

Image credits:

#48 Microwaved Sweet Potato

Image credits: and1984

#49 Microwave Handle Broke When I Went To Open The Door Today. $200 Part

Image credits: struck21

#50 My Kid Microwaved A Cup-Noodle. Without Water. Plastic Wrap Still On It. For Many Minutes

Image credits: bermudajoe

#51 Note To Self: Do Not Heat Up Oil And Chili In This Type Of Glass Bowl In The Microwave

Image credits: LusciousofBorg

#52 The Result Of Microwaving A Banquet Frozen Dinner For 30 Minutes

Image credits: JagVillOcksaBliFull

#53 I Microwaved Some Beans For 12 Minutes Instead Of 1 Minute And 20 Seconds

Image credits: ah18071

#54 I Forgot My Lunch In Microwave, Because I Was Making Drinks For Customers

Image credits: TimeManSK

#55 Well That Didn’t Go According To Plan

Image credits: kmart422

#56 Thanks Microwave, I Really Needed You To Catch Fire The Week Before Christmas

Image credits: crawlspeed

#57 My Microwave Plate Snapped In Half After A Red-Glowing Molten Glass Hole Appeared

Image credits: DaviAMSilva

#58 Boil An Egg In The Microwave, They Said... It Will Be Fine, They Said

Image credits: hcoverlambda

#59 I Somehow Forgot To Put Water In The Cup Before Microwaving The Ramen. My Throat Burns And The House Smells Disgusting

Image credits: Kazhel

#60 New Microwave For Kitchen, Damaged In Transport Presumably

Image credits: wall-_-eve

#61 Microwaved Cup Eggs From Hell

Image credits: ilykieran

#62 Even Cracked An Egg In It, Got Caught On The Microwave Door

Image credits: kidJubi100

#63 Melted Italian Meat Balls. Container Was Not Microwave-Proof

Image credits: Beaglerampage

#64 Trying To Microwave Popcorn In A Plastic Tupper

Image credits: Arheisel

#65 I Got The White Mug For Christmas In 2018, Microwave Safe. I Got Black One For Christmas In 2019, Not Microwave Safe

If I had stayed in the room while it was in the microwave for 1 minute, I probably would have noticed.

Image credits: NeoIceCreamDream

#66 I Guess I’m Not Microwaving Today

Image credits: Aviator1116

#67 It Turns Out That Plastic Bowl Was Not Safe For Microwave Use


#68 Found Which One Isn't Microwave-Proof

Image credits: Quamont

#69 My Daughter Microwaved Her Mac N' Cheese Without Filling The Cup With Water First

Image credits: Sheepherder226

#70 Thought You Could Microwave Eggs

Image credits: icraveyour_chocolate

#71 Microwave Accident

Image credits: pkkballer22

#72 Was Using The Hotel Microwave When Suddenly This Happened

Image credits: OmegaDoesStuff

#73 Microwave's Plastic Cover Melted Over My Dinner

Image credits: kazoko

#74 Microwave Pizza I Made

Image credits: lamTheBoi

#75 A Cooking Tip: Don't Boil Eggs In A Microwave

Image credits: Titarena

#76 Was Using The Hotel Microwave When Suddenly This Happened

#77 Microwave Pizza I Made

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