8 Things That Should Never Go in the Dryer


Clothes pinned to a clothesline flapping in the breeze and drying in the sunshine is a visual that brings me back to my childhood. And oh, that amazing smell of line-dried clean sheets. Know what I mean? Modern-day clothes dryers have almost completely replaced traditional outdoor clotheslines. A clothes dryer is a convenient appliance that keeps many homeowners in compliance with community regulations that forbid the presence of outdoor clotheslines. However, in the same way that outdoor drying has its limitations (weather, effort), a clothes dryer does as well. It can ruin stuff. The solution is quite simple. Learn what can and cannot safely be put into your clothes dryer. Then, make sure you keep a good indoor drying rack in a convenient place to ensure easy use. Tennis Shoes, Sneakers Most tennis shoes can be washed in a washing machine. But the dryer? Not at all. The heat of ...

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