Can You Put Lululemon Leggings in the Dryer


Many people assume that a washing machine damages your lululemon leggings. The thing is you can machine-wash your leggings without having to worry if they get damaged. The issue comes in at the drying cycle at the end of cleaning your leggings.

So, can you put lululemon leggings in the dryer? No, it is not recommended. The heat from the dryer can damage your leggings since it breaks down the elastic fibers on them. After several times of drying your leggings in the dryer, they become loose and cease to hold everything in place, which is their intended purpose. Other than that, the heat from the dryer can cause the Lululemom leggings to shrink. The best way to dry them is by air-drying them.

This article will look at why you should not place Lululemon leggings in the dryer, how to properly dry your lululemon leggings and the safer option of drying them in a dryer. We will also highlight tips on maintaining your lululemon leggings, how to clean them, and get rid of stains.

Why You Should Not Place Lululemon Leggings in the Dryer

As mentioned above, tossing your leggings in the dryer is a bad idea that could lead to damage. Even though the first time your leggings may seem intact, making this a habit will eventually cause them to fall apart. So, how does the dryer affect leggings?

You already know that leggings are made from elastic fibers. Some of these fibers include spandex or lycra. These elastic fibers are very sensitive to high heat like the one produced by the dryer. The heat tends to break down the spandex and lycra fiber.

If you constantly toss your lululemon leggings in the dryer, the elastic fiber will eventually be broken down. This will mean that the entire leggings will fall apart or get damaged. It does not matter how badly you need your leggings dry, if you want them to be durable and functional, do not dry them in the dryer.

How to Dry Lululemon Leggings Properly

The best way to dry your lululemon leggings is by air-drying them. Air-drying is gentler on the fabric as compared to using a dryer. That means that the leggings will remain intact and functional for longer since the elastic fibers will not be damaged

Note that that leggings do not take time to dry since they are made of moisture-wicking material. For the best results, place them on a drying rack exposing them to the sun. The heat from the sun helps to kill bacteria that may have remained after washing the leggings.

Are there Safer Ways to Place leggings in a Dryer?

Sometimes tossing your lululemon leggings may be unavoidable; you could need them urgently or the weather may just not be suitable. In that case, if you insist on drying the leggings in the dryer, there is a safer way to do it.

The safer way is tumble-drying your leggings in the dryer. This involves setting your dryer on the lowest setting so that it uses very low heat to dry the leggings.

However, drying your leggings in the dryer should not be a routine, unless you want to damage them.

Tips on Maintaining Lululemon Leggings

Other than air drying your Lululemon leggings, the following are tips to see to it that it serves you for longer.

  • As soon as you have that sweat on your lululemon leggings, make sure you wash them. The manufacturers recommend that you cold-wash them. Cold washing helps to maintain its shape and elasticity. Warm water damages the lycra fiber in the leggings.
  • Using hot water tends to spread stains, if any, on your fabric. Avoid using hot water when getting rid of stains.
  • When washing your leggings, sort them separately from other clothes. For instance, you can’t clean them together with other gym wears. Mixing your leggings with cotton clothes will make the fuzz from the cotton to adhere to the lululemon fabric. That means your leggings will appear old with a fuzz of different colors.
  • Other than the lint from other clothes could end up staining your lulu leggings. This is especially if your leggings are brightly colored.
  • For brightly colored lululemon leggings, wash them completely alone. If you should wash them with other gym wear, make sure they are of the same color. Also, when the brightly colored leggings are wet, keep them away from other clothes to avoid staining.
  • Do not use fabric softeners when washing your lulu leggings. Fabric softeners work by coating clothes with wax to make them feel soft after washing. The problem is this wax prevents the fabric of the leggings from wicking the sweat you produce therefore defeating the need for the leggings.

  • Minimize on the amount of laundry detergent you use, this is because detergents can be hard on the lulu legging fabric
  • Another tip is to make sure you turn your leggings inside out before washing them. This helps to get rid of the soils and stains that may have accumulated on the inner part of the leggings. It also helps to prevent rips and tear and to keep your leggings from fading. Alternatively, you can place the leggings in a delicate bag when machine washing them. It helps to protect the fabric of your leggings from tearing.
  • Hand washing your leggings is recommended more than machine washing. Hand washing your leggings maintains the fabric for longer.
  • If you wear your lulu leggings frequently, avoid wearing them consecutively without cleaning them. It makes them wear out quickly.
  • Over and above, always check the content label of your lululemon leggings. Some of the labels have instructions on how to care for your leggings.

How to Machine Wash your Lululemon Leggings

We have mentioned a lot about washing your lulu leggings above. Even though hand washing is the most recommended method for cleaning your leggings, tossing them in a washing machine can sometimes be unavoidable.

So, should you want to machine wash your lulu leggings, follow the following procedure

Step 1: Turn your leggings inside out

Step 2: Place the leggings in a delicate bag or a pillowcase if you do not have the bag

Step 3: Place the leggings in the washing machine.

Step 4: Set the machine in a cold delicate cycle or gentle cycle

Step 5: Machine-wash your leggings

Step 6: Once you are done washing them clean, remove the damp leggings and allow them to air dry.

How to Get Rid of Stains from Lululemon leggings

Stains on your leggings are a possibility especially for brightly colored ones. If your leggings get stains, you do not have to dispose of them. Pretreating them using the right detergents can help you get rid of the stains.

Step 1: Make sure you pretreat the stains as soon as they occur. This helps to prevent stains from being stubborn and spreading to other parts of the fabric

Step 2: Pretest the stain remover you intend to use on a hidden area of the legging. This will help you be sure that the chemical of the stain remover will not damage the fabric of the legging. To be sure that the stain remover is safe. Allow it to sit on the fabric for some time, then check if there is a discoloration

Step 3: Using a stain remover, pretreat the stained area. Make sure you put the stain remover only on the stained area to avoid damaging other parts of the fabric.

Step 4: Allow the remover to sit on the stain for some time so that it can act on the stain.

Step 5: Do not rub the stain too hard to avoid spreading it to other parts of the fabric

Step 6: Once the stain is removed, run the fabric part under cold water as you try to rinse most of it put.

Related Questions

How often should I wash my lululemon leggings?

Most of the people use lululemon leggings to work out. That means that they, in the process produce sweat. It is recommended to wash your leggings after use if you tend to sweat. However, if you do not sweat, then you can put on your leggings at most twice before cleaning them. Make sure you clean your leggings unless you want to harbor bacteria in them.

Moreover, if you do not use your leggings for working out, that is you use them like other pants, you can wash them after at most thrice

Can I use regular bleach to get rid of stains on my lululemon leggings?

No, you cannot. Using bleach will just end in damaging the elastic fabric of your leggings. Look, we understand that regular bleach is your go-to for any stain on your cotton clothes. It works.

However, for leggings, it does not work. Therefore, it is recommended you use oxygenated bleach on them. Also, make sure the oxygenated bleach works for all colors to avoid bleaching your colored leggings. Remember legging material is very delicate and should be handled with extra care.

After how long should I replace my leggings?

If you are using your leggings to work out, it is recommended you replace the, after 6-8 months of use. This also applies if you wear your leggings consistently.

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