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This week on Catching up with the Kelnhofers, I’m sharing what to eat when it seems like there’s nothing to eat.  Plus, it’s cucumber season so I have a few delicious recipe ideas for you to try.

Freddie and Frankie on porch

I know how hard it can be to get dinner on the table. The kids are hungry and want something 5 minutes ago, and your brain is fried after a long day, you open the fridge and stare blankly at the contents. And you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer to defrost.

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Here are my top 5 suggestions for when this happens:

  • Pick a recipe with only a few ingredients (like anything from my 5 ingredient series or cookbook – just saw it’s 25% off this week on Amazon!)
  • Use an Instant Pot and cook meat from frozen – or cook a freezer meal – here are freezer meal recipes. Usually though, what I do is take chicken from the freezer and put it in an instant pot with bbq sauce. Or you can put ground beef or turkey in the instant pot with marinara sauce to make instant pot spaghetti
  • Make pizza. You can buy a pre-made crust and just add whatever toppings you have in the fridge and it bakes quickly. Or a frozen pizza works lol. Here are my fave pizza recipes if you want to get a little more involved. 
  • Tapas night. Pull out all those leftovers and create tapas “small plates” and add any random things to a cheese board and call it a night. 
  • Subscribe to a meal delivery service, like Home Chef – their meals are delicious and easy to put together!

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Shrimp in a pan, sandwiches stacked on cutting board
Seafood roundup | Chicken cordon bleu sandwich

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  • I made Asian ground turkey  in an Instant Pot vs. stovetop (and had 90 second instant rice and lettuce as sides) and just cooked the ground turkey for 15 minutes at high pressure and then broke it up, delish! Here are 10 ground turkey recipes

Ground turkey Asian bowls

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Cucumbers are in season big time here in WI – we got 6 in our CSA!

Cucumber limeade, Cucumber salad
Cucumber limeade | Cucumber salad

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Love reading comments like this one on my Asian ground turkey rice bowl recipe

  • “YUM!! Needed to use up some ground turkey and stumbled upon this, and I’m so glad I did. Quick and great flavor, the whole family enjoyed. I had to sub chili garlic paste for the gochujang, and cut it back to 1 tsp for kids. I didn’t have pickled veggies either so I julienned and lightly sautéed what I had – bell peppers, carrots and cabbage – and that worked great. Thanks for a new and fun addition to our dinner rotation!!”

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Heart-shaped waffles are perfect for any day of the year!  Check out this adorable re-creation from one of my readers.

Heart shaped waffles

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  • How many times have you wondered where to put your ‘stuff’ or eat off of when out? This portable beach table solves all that. 
Foldable beach table
Beach table

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  • Good Company – I’m in the midst of this fascinating story. I keep wanting to know how it unfolds.
Good Company book cover
Good Company
  • What If You & Me I had my info wrong last time, this book came out already because I received my copy I had pre-ordered. It’s steamy, but not too over the top, and the story and characters are well written. I stayed up past midnight to finish this one!!! 
What if You and Me book cover
What if You and Me

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  • Summer soccer. We signed up Ben for a toddler soccer group – he feels like such a little kid vs. baby!!

Toddler playing soccer

  • Noses. The joke is that every time I try to take a photo with Frankie, she picks her nose, lol. The boys are into ‘booping’ us on the nose which is kind of super cute.

Kids booping noses

  • Shopping. Nick needed some new clothes and we needed new bath toys (Freddie pooped in the tub and it got into everything so we just started over, lol). We successfully took the whole family to Nordstrom Rack (at checkout I discovered you can now order online from there!!) and Target

Toddler in Target cart

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Sundae in a small glass bowl
Sundae recipe


Black Widow


  • I know I’ve mentioned my love of the ‘Cool Nights’ line of sleepwear from Soma, but I’m just getting a few new items in a bigger size to accommodate my bump – the fabric is so soft and it really does keep you cool in the summer; crazy how a fabric can do that!! Plus how cute are the new prints – like this dragon fruit

Soma Cool Nights sleepwear

What’s your favorite super easy dinner? Just leave a comment below and let me know!

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