Clotheslines for Drying Clothes Inside: Portable Solutions to Outdoor Problems


Clotheslines for drying clothes inside are a great way to avoid the problems that come with hanging your laundry outside. Instead of risking rain, wind, and bugs coming in contact with your clothes, you can use retractable indoor clotheslines or indoor portable clotheslines to get the same results without having to deal with these unpleasantries. In this post we will discuss some portable solutions for those who want to keep their clothing clean indoors!

Clotheslines can be a great way to save money on your energy bills

A retractable or portable clothesline can reduce your energy use by up to 80%. Since the average clothes dryer uses 4,700 kWh each year and costs about $760 a year to operate, switching from a dryer to some type of clothesline could save you nearly $500 per year.

Using a clothesline also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and pollution

Emissions from clothes dryers include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide. A typical gas-fueled electric dryer puts out 2,330 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. And if you’re using that high efficiency washer to clean up all those dirty washcloths and towels that automatically fill the machine every week than it’s more than 3100 pounds of CO2 per year for an average family! When people switch to hanging their laundry on a retractable indoor clothesline instead of throwing it in the dryer or washing machine they not only find their clothes come out softer but they also save environment in the process!

Portable or retractable clotheslines that are easy to set up inside your home

Austral Retractaway 40 Clothesline

The Austral Retractaway 40 Clothesline is a functional and stylish retractable clothesline that’s ideal for those with limited indoor space. The clothesline reaches up to 10 levels and you can use it as an outdoor drying rack too!It can be installed in just minutes with no modifications or hassle, even if your walls are stucco, brick or wood. Microfiber material has been infused to make the lines extra absorbent; wearables will dry much faster than on a traditional clothesline.

Brabantia Retractable Clothesline

A retractable clothesline with an innovative, cable system that allows it to be pulled in and out easily with one hand. The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline is easy to install, requires no installation or set up time, expands out to 6 metres long, includes 18 individually-adjustable pegs for hanging items on the line (5 metre length), has a maximum load capacity of 20kgs, can be retracted into its housing without breaking any of your neighbour’s windows on the way back in again.

Hills Cordomatic Retractable Clothesline

The Hills Cordomatic Retractable clothing line features a patented system which allows the line to collapse and retract when not in use. The cords on this design are covered so they cannot catch or snag even while moving around the home and the clothesline can be set up and installed quickly and easily. It is made with great attention to innovation and quality designs that ensure that it will last for many years of daily, rugged use.

EcoDry Portable Clothesline

The EcoDry Portable clothesline is the perfect solution for outdoor or indoor spaces. This Clothesline has patented design with multiple height adjustment and variable line tension, making it very practical to use. The castor wheels make moving this laundry equipment around without discomfort a breeze; plus you can store them in places where they won’t take up too much room like closets or under furniture when not in use.

Hills Four Wing Expanding Clothes Airer

The Hills Four Wing expanding clothes airer is a compact package that makes hanging laundry lightweight and easy. Each wing of the expanding clothes airer can expand up to three feet in length with 180 degrees of motion, enabling the user to hang an array of different type of clothing from shirts to curtains. The Hills Four Wing is adjustable, portable, and it folds for convenient portability.

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