Frugal Friday and Other Happenings



It seems like it was a busy week.  Just been run and go. We went back to the appliance store on Monday when we realized that our washer was never going to come in.  Well, there didn't seem to be any hope of it for quite awhile.  Actually after talking to him we realized he really didn't know when.. so we ordered a GE and they said it would be in a week and half.  It's only coming across the state so I have hope.  We also realized our dryer is not drying as well (we  thought it was our washer not working correctly) so we had to order one of those too.  We are now broke or at least it feels that way.  LOL

We are able to do small fast loads here with out the washer smoking but when we have big stuff we end up at the laundromat. We always bring them back to dry even if it takes longer.   I do one load of delicates a week at my daughters house but I fear we would wear out her washer if we did it all. 

How people afford to go to the laundromat every week I'm not sure but listen the laundromat is always full.   I think they handle their clothes differently then we do.  We have changed our mind set too just a little bit.  I don't know if this is too much information for you guys but here it goes.  We realized right away that we could not use a new bath towel every time we showered and afford the laundromat prices.  We have been living the life of luxury I suppose.  Now we hang it over the shower bar to dry and then hang it up on the rack for next time.  We use them twice because ...listen that's my yuck limit.

I remember Mom didn't have those long bath towels I use now.  No wonder with 5 kids could you imagine the laundry she would have had to do?  I'm seriously thinking if this situation lasts any longer of cutting some of  mine in half and sewing a hem.  

You know, a lot of our towels came free in the big box of dry laundry detergent too when I was growing up.  I miss those days when they would give you stuff to buy their products.  Oh, they were not the best grade (kind of thin) but they really helped her household budget I'm sure.   

FYI:  The microwave over the stove is making funny noises now.  I'm not mentioning that to nobody because we are going to run it till it completely dies. 

Good deals:

I made hamburgers with the one pack of hamburger I bought on Flashfood and the next day I made two meatloaves with one pack of the Laura's lean hamburger and one pack of regular hamburger. I was able to freeze one meatloaf for a lazy day.  

I made a big pot of what we call soup beans (pinto beans) in the crock pot the next day and we had leftover meatloaf to go with it. Today (Friday) we will be having a breakfast meal for dinner with sausages I also bought from the Flashfood.   So you can tell I'm in love with that program.

I did some Walgreen's deals on Wednesday:   I bought three Crest mouthwashes and a bag of Meow Mix kitty litter for $6.00 total.   You can see how I did the mouthwash deal here (one cute couponer on youtube).

Prayers appreciated:

Sad happenings we've had in our state of Michigan:  First we had the explosion of houses (they still haven't found the reason) then we had the school shootings.  I just can't imagine the heartache for all those families.  Yesterday, for miles I mean miles around that area there were threats against schools.   I'd say 100 mile radius.  There is always a copycat and you never know which one is real so they have closed all the schools in that area.  It's very sad.

How did you save money last week?  

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