Garage sales can be a ton of fun to go to


They're big treasure hunts! While someone's getting rid of things they don't want, you're able to score some killer deals for yourself.

But have you tried reselling the items you've bought? A lot of people sell things way under market value just to get them out of their homes, which is great for you!

With a little bit of research, you'll be able to find the best garage sale items to flip for profit as a side hustle. Who doesn't love shopping AND making money?
Vintage Pyrex pieces
You may have grown up with your mom making casseroles or pot roasts in these dishes and believe it or not, they're in big demand these days. They come in gorgeous colors, often with simple patterns on them.

Check Pinterest - people dedicate whole boards to these beauties! People are making money from these not just on eBay, but Etsy as well!
Real Leather Items
Think of how expensive these are to buy brand new. Picking up some leather shoes or handbags can be a great way to make extra cash. Just be sure that what you buy is in good condition and doesn't have any rips or tears.
Yankee Candle items
This is a big name in the candle game and they have been around for quite a few years. If you find unused candles of any size, tart warmers, or other candle accessories, it's a good idea to snatch them up!

You'll find buyers that want to add to their collection or people that want to get their hands on their favorite scents that have been discontinued/retired - which means, more money for you!
Maternity clothes
Clothes in general can be costly.  Then add a temporary reason to have specific clothes and that drives the cost up even more.

If you come across some nice maternity clothes in good condition, you might want to try your hand at selling them. Keep an eye out for items women can wear to the office or name-brand items.
Name brand clothes
This applies not just to maternity clothes, but all clothes. Before buying anything, do some research online. See what brands are selling well.

The amount you may earn from these items totally depends on the brand. You might spend $2 on a really cute Old Navy dress but be able to flip it for $12. At the right time of year, a North Face jacket can resell for over $50.

Also, be on the lookout for plus-size clothing that's in good condition, especially from brands like Torrid, Old Navy, and Forever 21.
Name Brand Shoes
Once again, do some research on name-brand shoes that sell, but if you can find name-brand shoes in good condition, you can flip them for a profit on sites like The Real Real.

Check out this site for a huge list of places to sell shoes online.
College textbooks
If you're able to get your hands on textbooks, research the titles on resale sites such as to see how much they'll pay you for the book. You'll be surprised how much a second-hand textbook can go for!

Also, if you find time at home, try buying textbooks off eBay to flip for profit - you might find newer versions of textbooks that way.
Whether it's wood or upholstered furniture, if you have a little skill in refinishing or upcycling furniture, you can buy pieces for really cheap at garage sales and then put a little sweat equity into it and resell at a large profit.

The best furniture is solid wood furniture since it can be refinished and will last for years to come.

Be careful with upholstered furniture (bed bugs!), so check and make sure it's clean. But, you can always refinish ugly.
Outdoor Furniture
When people are selling outdoor furniture at a yard sale, they usually just want to get rid of them since they're bulky and sell for a fairly cheap price.

Put a little sweat equity into cleaning up the furniture, and you can make a real profit by reselling it.
You can usually find bicycles for really cheap at garage and yard sales. Either a child has outgrown his bike and the family just wants to get rid of it or the bike is not getting used and the family wants to sell it for cheap to make room in the garage.

Either way, you can buy bikes and clean them up and do some minor repairs and make a profit on reselling them.
Since strollers are so important to have when your kids are little, but you really only use them for a few years, they're a great item to buy and resell.

I purchased several of the strollers that we used when my boys were little from eBay or a garage sale. And then, when we were done with them, I sold them very cheaply at our yard sale.
Yard Equipment
Many times people will sell yard equipment, like lawn mowers, for a steal especially if they don't work properly anymore. If you know a little bit about repairing lawn equipment, you can resell for a large profit. Many of the items may just need a small tune up like spark plugs.
Power Tools
If you can find power tools at garage sales that work (or just need a bit of minor repair), those are great items to buy, fix, and flip for a profit.
Exercise Equipment
People often buy exercise equipment with good intentions, but find that their treadmill quickly turns into a clothing rack. They may be selling the equipment at rock-bottom prices just to get it out of their house since it's so bulky.

If you can get a good deal on barely used exercise equipment in good condition, it's a great item to buy and flip.
Retro Video Games
If you can find retro video game consoles and video games (particularly pre-2000), those are a great find to buy and flip. You don't want video games that have only been out for a few years and are just outdated, but older ones that will inspire nostalgia for gamers.
Where Can I Find Items to Flip Besides Garage Sales?
Besides garage sales, you can search for items to flip at these locations:
yard sales estate sales thrift stores flea markets Facebook Marketplace auctions
What about you?  Do you flip garage sale items?  What do you think are the best items to buy and flip? Or do you just like to shop garage sales for the savings?

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