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I had my first experience with a closet room when I lived in a small beach cottage with my friend. She knew I didn't particularly want to move out of my parents house so she offered me the small extra room in the house as a closet - SOLD! You can see that messy room here. Next I moved in with 2 of my cousins and had the smallest room in the house. It turned into a closet with a bed in it. That room was featured in this post.

When Christian and I were house hunting we wanted a house with at 2 bedrooms so one could be an office. We were fortunate enough to find one that had 3 bedrooms, a sun-room AND a finished basement. This meant that one of the bedrooms could be turned into a closet for me, my dream! I painted the walls purple after we moved in because it's my favorite color and I wanted the room to be extra fun. 

The closet room has undergone many transformations since we moved in May 2018. This latest has brought it a little closer to being how I envisioned it. A post in July 2018 showed how it looked early on.  I started off with pieces of furniture and storage I already had from previous closets.


This is what the closet looked like before this newest update:

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Now to what you've all been waiting for - the new and improved closet room! We finished in early October but it took forever for me to stop being lazy and take photos. Plus the lighting never wanted to cooperate. I apologize for the photo quality but I didn't want to bug Christian to take better ones, ha ha.


In October 2018 we bought 2 white shelving units from IKEA to use for some of my Harry Potter books that didn't fit in our living room display. I ended up only needing 1 so the second was moved into my closet to house my shoes. In November 2019 we bought a second cube storage shelf for my closet. We went with white (even though the other cube unit in the room was brown) because eventually I want everything in the closet to be white. 



In retrospect, I should have used both the tall white shelving units in my closet from the start and used my brown cube storage for Harry Potter books. Sometimes the brain just doesn't work that way. I had to figure it out on my own almost 2 years later, ha ha. 



I still have one non-white piece in the closet because it is too perfect to replace. It's actually a changing table dresser from when my siblings and I were babies. I love that the top folds over to make shelves which is perfect for storing my makeup and jewelry. Eventually I should just paint it white to match. Probably would have been a good project for quarantine, but I can't think about that now. 


I did paint a bookshelf that used to house purses and miscellaneous items, but that has moved to a new spot in the house. I was able to relocate all the things on it to save room. Some of which have cluttered up the dresser making it a little crowded right now, but I haven't felt up to purging more items yet. 

Here comes the interesting part of the story. The couch. If you remember this Instagram post, we got a new couch at the beginning of September. To make a long story short - we ordered the couch from Walmart on August 15th with a delivery date of August 26th. That date came and no couch or update on the tracking info. I messaged Walmart and they said it must have gotten lost in the mail so they sent another to be delivered on September 17th. UGH! The original couch randomly arrived on September 8th with the second one being delivered on September 21st. We waited a few weeks and when they didn't contact us we considered the second one ours too. 



The white faux fur rug was Christian's idea. I had wanted a rug in here but couldn't really decide if I needed one or what to do and he randomly said one day "Why don't you get a white fur rug for in here? It would make it so cozy." He didn't have to tell me twice. The search began for the proper shaped faux fur rug, it's a lot harder than you think. When I originally put this rug in the room it seemed too small, but then we added the couch and it was a perfect match. (This also got lost in the mail so I had to order it again. No second rug though, used all my luck on the couch!)



In order for it to fit in the room without too much rearranging - or removal of crucial storage pieces - we removed the back and arms so it could fit snugly between one of the shelving units and the closet (which we removed the door from.) It almost looks like a fancy department store try-on room now! 


Speaking of the closet in the closet - I decided to re-paint it white during this whole process because ever since we moved in it was dirty and yellow looking (I was too lazy to paint it in 2018.) One coat of white paint later and it looked brand new! I rearranged everything inside it and was even able to add my blazers - which have been in the guest room closet since we moved in. Now every item of clothing I own (except Winter coats) lives in this room. Not sure you can tell the difference in the paint, but I swear it looks better!


I would love to one day have an actual custom closet with fancy shelves/rods for jewelry and clothes but this will definitely do. I much prefer the price of these products than the thousands it would cost for a real custom closet.


Dikoaina white Faux Fur Rug

KALLAX Shelf unit, white 30 3/8x57 7/8"

KALLAXInsert for bottles, white 13x13 " (used for shoes)

BILLY Bookcase, white 31 1/2x11x79 1/2"

Target 31" Stackable Shoe Shelf, white

Shoe Slotz Storage Units in Ivory

Peryman Velvet 71.6" Square Arm Sofa in Eggplant

Target Room Essentials - Metal Base Adjustable Double Rod Garment Rack

Single Rod Garment Rack (I think this was also from Target, but it's 10 years old) 



 And here are some more before/during photos I took while rearranging the closet.

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