Ignoring the entryway is easy but never a good idea


A messy look and a lack of practical storage can impact the entire home. Does any of this sound familiar? If that’s the case, you might need to plan a makeover. We have a bunch of great ideas and designs you could implement. They’re centered around the entryway organizer and they’re all simple projects which you can do yourself. Organizing and decorating the entryway can turn out to be pretty fun activities.

DIY Entryway Organizers to Maximize your Storage Space
1. DIY Industrial Entry Bench

Could your entryway use a bench? Of course, it could. Entryway benches are practical and they also make the space look homey and inviting. Use them to sit down while you put your shoes on and use the space underneath for storage. You can make a bench from scratch using wood boards and screws. After that, add a shelf or two so you can store and organize the shoes. You can use wire grating for this part in which case your entryway bench will gain a subtle industrial look.

2. A Coat Rack made from Wooden Hangers

For your coats and hats, you could make a coat rack out of wooden hangers. Start with a wooden board and five hangers. Saw off one end of each hanger so you can position them upside down and screw them onto the board as shown here. Feel free to customize the design with paint or to add more hangers if needed.

3. Wooden Crate Storage Bench

There are a lot of cool projects you can do on a budget, including this storage bench made of wooden crates. The key elements are two crates and two wooden boards long enough to cover the crates. Basically, you’ll sandwich the crates between the two boards and you’ll secure them together with glue. Add four casters at the bottom so you can move the bench with ease.

4. A Simple Coat Rack

Perhaps you already have a bench or a storage cabinet for your entryway in which case you might be more interested in small additions you can make to this space, like this simple coat rack. It’s made of a thin strip of wood that has been sanded and stained and has three wire hooks attached to it. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

5. A Key Holder for your Entryway

Another accessory which you can add to the entryway is a key holder. After all, few things are more annoying than losing your keys or forgetting where you’ve put them. The cool thing about this particular design is that it repurposes old keys into hooks. It’s an ingenious idea that makes this accessory unique. All you have to do now is find some old keys you could repurpose.

6. Turn a Picture Frame into a Key Holder

You can also turn a picture frame into a key holder. It would be a very easy project. Start with a simple picture frame. Paint it or decorate it however you like and then screw in some small hooks along the inside of the frame’s edge. You can decide how many hooks you can fit in there based on the size and shape of your frame.

7. Entryway Mirror Makeover

Since a mirror is more or less a must-have for any entryway, you could take advantage of that and add a storage compartment that can hold brushes, keys, and mail. You could add a few small knobs or hooks as well to make this accessory even more practical. You can find out more about the project and all the things you need in order to complete it by checking out Tattooedmartha.

8. Mail Organizer and Coat Rack in One

This is a mail organizer and a coat rack in one. In addition, it’s small enough to fit even in the smallest entryway. To make something like this you need two small strips of wood, some glue, and a few coat hooks. You can add this to your existing entryway configuration without having to make any structural changes. Find out more on alwaysrooney.

9. Wood and Pipe Entryway Stand

The best DIY projects are those that find the balance between looks and function and don’t require a lot of supplies or hard-to-find elements. That’s why we find this entryway organizer to be so great. You can build it yourself from scratch out of some pieces of wood and a few metal pipes. The combination gives it a rustic-industrial look which makes it quite charming. Check out makinghomebase for more details about this practical entryway stand project which includes a bench, storage for shoes, and coat hangers all in one unit. 

10. A Practical Storage System using Boxes and Bins

To avoid a messy entryway with piled-up accessories, create a practical storage system that uses boxes and bins. We like the way this cabinet was adapted for this particular function. It has three small drawers for all the little things you want to store there like keys and sunglasses and all those open storage compartments which can hold everything else, from scarves to shoes and sports equipment.

11. Bike and Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Obviously, you should customize your entryway according to your particular needs. For example, if you have a bike or two or if you like to play sports, install some proper storage systems for all the equipment. Free up your floor space by putting things up on the walls.

12. Family Friendly Command Center

Decorate the common spaces with your entire family in mind. The entryway, for example, needs to be practical and useful for everyone and that’s why we find the idea of a family command center appropriate for this space. You could set up a storage unit for everyone to keep their everyday accessories in, a mail station, and some hanging storage for keys and other things. You can find out how to turn this into a budget-friendly project on simpleasthatblog.

13. Upcycled Hallway Organizer

Doesn’t this look like an extremely simple organizer? In spite of that, it’s extremely practical. It has everything: a place to hang the umbrella, hooks for keys, a shelf for the wallet, storage for bags and even hats and there’s even room to keep your sunglasses there. What a great way to update the entryway without a lot of effort and without spending much on the materials. {found on ecoempire}.

14. A Simple Box Shelf

If you don’t need more ample storage for your entryway there’s no point in wasting space with extra cabinets when a simple box shelf would be much more useful. You could use the top as a display surface for a chic ornament, the inside of the shelf for things like mail, wallets, and phones, and the small hooks at the bottom are perfect for hanging keys. (found on etsy}.

15. Super Simple Scrap Wood Wall Organizer

Sometimes you just need a simple organizer system to keep your mail and belongings tidy. This scrap wood wall organizer from A Butterfly House would look great by the entry to your home and will help to keep mail and smaller items off the floor or nearby tables. This project uses scrap wood to create the wall organizer, and you’ll just want to ensure the length of each organizer matches anything you are planning to store within it.

16. Bookcase Entry Organizer

If you’ve got some slim bookcases sitting around in your home, you can transform them into a storage solution for your entryway. They act like lockers and allow each of your family members to have their own personal space for their bags, shoes, and coats. You can customize the bookcases to fit your needs, as shown in this tutorial from Polkadot Chair, and children will love decorating them to their own style. The shelves on most bookcases can be easily adjusted, and so you can create different sections to fit your needs. If you don’t have any spare bookcases on hand, these are easy to buy inexpensively in homeware stores.

17. Wooden Boot Rack

There’s nothing worse than returning home after a walk for everyone to get mud all over your nice clean house. This wooden boot rack from By Stephanie Lynn offers you a practical solution to this problem. It takes very little money or effort to create this stand and can be kept inside or outside your house. You won’t have to deal with muddy and slushy boots walking all over your clean carpet with this handy boot rack. If you do need to put this wooden boot rack inside, just make sure you add a tray underneath, which will help to collect the snow and dirt from the boots.

18. Mail Rack Hack with Magazine Holders

With just a few basic magazine holders, you can make this snazzy mail rack holder to keep in your entryway. You’ll have separate compartments for your mail, keys, and phone, so you’ll never be left wondering where you’ve put them again! They can be attached to a shelf that’s already in place, or a new shelf can be installed specifically for the project. It’s recommended to use plywood magazine files in these directions from Instructables, which will be easy to attach onto your shelf or piece of wood. Once finished, you can add your favorite photos or decorations to the shelf, or simply use it as a space to dump any mail that arrives.

19. Vintage Mail Organizer

Remodelaholic draws inspiration from vintage mail organizers with this shoe cubby. It’s ideal for anyone who has a large family and far too many shoes to fit in a small organizer. If you can’t get your hands on a vintage piece like this in good condition, consider making your own from scratch. It’s ideal for storing everything you might need in your entryway, including mail, shoes, and keys. You can adjust the cubbies to fit your needs if you are making it from scratch, and if you are primarily catering to adults and teenagers, you may want to go a little wider with each hole. Once finished, you can varnish or paint this organizer to fit your needs.

20. DIY Shoe Storage Bench

If you are looking for a clean and fresh design for your hall entryway, check out this DIY shoe storage bench from Jaime Costiglio. You’ll have your shoes tucked neatly away out of sight while benefiting from a bench to sit on while getting ready in the morning. The great thing about this project is that it can be customized to fit in your space, and you can cut it down to two or three crates wide if you are short of space. You can paint the bench to fit your home decor, and you can go for something a little more neutral than this bold design shown here. To finish, add a few felt pads on the base of each crate. This will help them to slide in and out easily and protect the finish on your bench.

21. Repurpose a Cheap Old Cabinet into a Stylish Entryway Bench

Breathe life into your old worn-out cabinet with this project from My Repurposed Life. If you have a cabinet in a bedroom that’s looking a bit shabby, you can easily create a great entryway bench. You’ll just need to add some scrap wood, and with a few basic tools, you can create a new and useful storage solution for your home. Once finished, you can paint or stain the cabinet to fit your entryway décor. A bright paint color will help to disguise any wear and tear on your old cabinet, and you can use your finished product as a book rack or entryway bench. Reusing what you already have is an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your home while also saving you plenty of money at the same time!

22. Vibrant Crate Entryway Organizer

If your home needs brightening up with a splash of color, check out this fun DIY project from Operation Home. You’ll paint a few wooden crates in the brightest color you like before attaching them together to form the basis of your entryway organizer. This project only needs three crates, a whiteboard board, wooden legs, and some basic tools, and you’ll be good to go. The instructions are very easy to follow, and even beginners will enjoy this project. It’s an inexpensive way to bring some excitement to your home entryway. You’ll also find that crates offer you so much storage space for holding shoes and bags. This means you’ll never have to deal with shoes cluttering up your doorway and tripping over guests when they enter your home.

23. Pallet Entryway Storage Bench

This DIY pallet entryway storage bench offers a complete solution for all of your storage needs in your home. It might look quite daunting, but it is in fact super easy to put together and will allow you to store your coats, shoes, and anything else that might clutter up your entryway. It’s a really sturdy piece, so you can also enjoy sitting down and getting ready before heading out your door after completing this project from 1o1 Pallets. You can stain or paint the bench to fit your décor, and you’ll enjoy a wide variety of cabinets underneath the bench. It’s ideal for smaller spaces and makes the most of even the tiniest entryway area. For the perfect finishing touch, add bright metallic hooks, and then you can also add personal photos or trinkets to the overhead shelf.

24. Rustic Farmhouse Entryway Organizer

This rustic organizer from Cherished Bliss uses a mix of materials to create the perfect storage solution for your entryway. While it has a rustic appearance, it’s still modern and trendy thanks to the metal organizer bins. You’ll have plenty of space for your kids’ school bags, shoes, and sports equipment. The bins will allow you to give each of your kids their own storage compartment, and this organizer will completely transform even the dullest of hallways. It’s a versatile piece that can incorporate items you already have in your home and can always be moved elsewhere in your home at a later stage if needs be. As with anything, you can mix and match the bench and bins to fit your home décor and to have the ideal size storage solution for you and your family’s needs.

25. Narrow Console Table

If you are extremely short of space in your entryway but still need somewhere to pop your keys and phone, consider this narrow console table from Hey Let’s Make Stuff. It should cost you about $20 to make and is so slim that it will fit into almost any home. The legs will help to support a good amount of weight, so you can still enjoy decorating your new table with photos and ornaments to add a personal touch to your hallway. Of course, you can choose a different color to white for your table and go for something a little more rustic such as a stained wood console table.

Regardless of how much space you have to work with, one of these entryway organizers will be ideal for your next home project. You’ll be so relieved to have all of your shoes cleared off the floor by your doorway, and you’ll appreciate having somewhere to drop your keys and phone, so you never lose them. If you have kids, opt for one of the fun organizers listed above which allows them to have their own personalized shelf or locker. By giving kids or teens a designated space to place their clothes and shoes, they’ll be far more likely to keep them neat and tidy every time they come back from school.


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