It’s Going To Happen



Thursday was a tough day for us. My car had gotten back from the body work, and the rear hatch closure mechanism wasn't working right. I drove to the dealership to find out what had happened. It would cost two hundred fifty dollars just to get a diagnosis. Besides I needed to complain to the body shop about the damage. The dealership couldn't strong arm them, but the service man I know said that the body shop would most likely deny the damage citing that the car is old. 

What can you do?

I got home and my second shift started. Needed to feed my son, get water bottles for his party at school, buy him a suit for prom and then go to the auto parts store since I'd had the 'check coolant level' warning flashing on my dashboard for about two weeks. 

At first it was fun. I need to add that our restaurant we ate dinner at, had experienced a crime, possibly a hate crime, early in the morning. A glass door was boarded up. The main entrance. It's a Christian-based fast-food and they had given out free sandwiches to each of us. We had the award coupons, Anthony and me. I was sad because I know who's 'in charge' (TWDNHOBIAH) and that they want to rid the world of all Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Muslim, and Christian). I prayed extra for strength and courage when I saw that wood over the door.

I enjoy shopping for clothes for Anthony. It isn't easy. He's a large boy, big and tall, and his size keeps changing as he grows. The neck used to be eighteen on the shirt, now it's nineteen and a half. It takes patience to go through a menswear shop during the rush for prom, two days before the event. 

My goal is for Anthony to look his best. I want him to have confidence. And for this suit, I asked him not to go for the most expensive because there's a good chance he could damage it at the prom. We went to the sale rack, found a jacket, two pants, some shirts. But for him, always, it's the fit. We usually don't have lots of choices. 

In the end, he found dress shoes he loves, two ties, two shirts, and his suit pants and suit coat. 

I was overwhelmed. It was past my bedtime, I was tired, I just needed to pay and to get out of that store. 

As we left the store, Anthony asked me if I overheard the other mom and her son that were there?

I didn't. I'd seen them. A tiny Ed Sheeran looking kid, and an older mom with a pinched face. She looked uptight and never smiled when I had smiled at her. 

Apparently she didn't let the son choose what he wanted. She would override his suggestions. She'd say to get something else. Then she'd ask the sales clerk what HE recommended. It was like that, a struggle, for every item of clothing. And, according to Anthony, this was for a Lacrosse Banquet, not even a prom, and this kid was a Freshman. 

We both felt like that interaction for the mom and boy was like from another planet. We didn't understand it, the need for control, and felt sad for the kid. 

And it dawned us that there are probably a lot more families like them than like us.

As it stands, Anthony offered to go to the auto parts store on his own while I looked up the coolant fluid in the owners manual. And I asked him, since his prom is near the ocean, not to go near the water because I just bought the new shoes and didn't want them to get scratched. He agreed it was a reasonable request. 

Together we figured out the car situation, and the warning light hasn't shown up since on the car. 

How do you face the inevitable?

Do you put the needs of the one in the transition/changes/situation first?

Or do you try to force it or change it?

Do you catch yourself in the middle of exerting control, and then back off from it?

How much of this is learned from how you were treated? How much is cultural? How much is YOU, your own personality?

These are some important questions!

There are no 'right' and no 'wrong' answers, as long as you are paying attention to the energy you choose to engage with each and every moment. 

Is there a fire? Is the house going to burn down and are people going to die? If yes, then, sound the alarm!! Run! Scream! Do something!!

If there's no fire, then, perhaps, ask yourself, 'is there anything that could cry?' Because as my mother said, if it doesn't cry, it can wait. 

Try to keep a balance in all that you do. 


Carla is going through some tremendous changes. And I am right here with her, beside her, supporting her with my energy and guiding her. 

Carla is awake and aware and giving thanks to me for all the lessons that she is undergoing.

Carla's faith and trust are (he gestures with his hand like up above his head) way off the map! And increasing!

Did you know there has been such a shortage of anesthesia staff at Carla's work, they can't find anyone to hire. The cost of living in the area is so high that new hires cannot afford to purchase a home, and the compensation is far too low compared to the going rate in other parts of the country. There are now three people recently leaving the group, a total of four, which is about a quarter of the group. And they haven't been replaced. So Carla is working post-call and not enjoying her days off. All of them are, in her group!

Has Carla complained about anything? Not here to you. Not to Anthony. Not to anyone.

Carla's boss has invited 'administration' to 'come up with help'--which means and everyone understands that if the anesthesia group can't meet the commitments to anesthesia service needs at the hospital, EVERYONE might be out of a job! The whole group!

Still, Carla is faithful and calm.

She actually has ideas, and woke up with them, on how to solve the problem. She just is searching for the right pair of ears to listen. She's presented them to one person already. But it didn't rind a bell for that person so she is quiet. 

(waves his hands overhead) Everything is changing! Everywhere! Even with us here in the Higher Realms with regards to our stations on the planet. Look at the Schumann Resonance! It's different. There are lots of spikes.

Long story short, we are in times of change!

And the most important thing to change, is YOU, in your heart, for are your habitual reactions a pattern you would like to have set in stone for all of time, or would you like to add a little 'flexibility' to the mix?

You are in the driver's seat.

Look upon your life and your life choices with gentleness and a lot of self-love. Then get to work on how you would like to spend your eternity, what beliefs and patterns you would like to support and encourage both in yourself and others.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Soul Twins who are one Heart

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