Large Family Homeschool Life – Week 3 of 2022


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Large Family Homeschool Life – Week 3 of 2022

A birthday, a doctor appointment, the Revolutionary War, and a visit from our oldest son and his fiancee made for a busy week!

A birthday, a doctor appointment, the Revolutionary War, and a visit from our oldest son and his fiancee made for a busy week!

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Today is Creed’s birthday and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so Ty was off for the holiday and able to celebrate with us all day!

I ran to Walmart this morning to pick up doughnuts and Creed’s cake. Our kids get to choose their birthday menu, and Creed had chose doughnuts for breakfast and a sampler cake for his birthday cake. This was a new one for us – carrot cake, red velvet, German chocolate, and milk chocolate all put together with a few slices of each.

I decided not to do school today because it was just too busy for me to get much schooling accomplished.

Creed opened a couple of gifts this morning and then watched a favorite show before lunch. For lunch, he wanted egg sandwiches.

The kids all went outside to play in the snow and when they came in, I had hot chocolate ready for them.

Then, Ty and I went to Tractor Supply to look for a firewood holder. He brought back a load of firewood from a friend this weekend, but wanted a better way to stack it outside our back door. We managed to find a nice, big firewood holder on sale and also found several other things we needed – a broom, seed trays, and canning lids to name a few!

I also found a Chutes and Ladders game on sale for the little girls! So, when I got home, I played with them!

Ty put together the firewood rack while watching an online cattle auction. He’s thinking of expanding our VERY small herd of Herefords. He was curious how much some of them were going for from this ranch he’s been looking to buy from.

The kids carried down the firewood to its new home at the back of our house, under the deck, while I supervised the stacking. Then, I started Creed’s birthday dinner – spaghetti and meatballs, Caesar salad, and garlic toast made from scraps and heels of bread loaves I keep in the freezer for this very purpose.

Once cleaned up, Creed opened the rest of his cards and presents and played some games with his siblings.


It was a slow morning after all the snow and birthday festivities. The snow is melting, but I’m sure the kids will want to go out in it today. Our entryway has become a perpetual mudroom with snow clothes strewn about!

Morning Time started with our Obedience Bible Study.

Then, we listed to a couple of Mozart’s symphonies from our Music Appreciation (Middle Ages through Classical Era) class from Music in Our Homeschool.

We also learned about Francisco Goya the artist and then, I read about the turning point of the Revolutionary War from the book From Colonies to Country.

We retired to the living room while I read from The Borrowers.

I helped the little girls with their schoolwork and then we ate lunch and the kids headed outside for a bit. Those that weren’t finished with school came back in and finished once they had had some outside time.

The 11 year old is doing the same Graphic Design class his older brother did and the 15 year old started Economics from Compass Classroom.


How We Teach Economics |

I also checked on the 17 year old who is reading The Universe Next Door for school.

Then, I planted some herbs in the coconut coir starter trays I purchased yesterday.

I want to start some microgreens and much beans as well, but I’ll do those in a mason jar.

I took a walk around the neighborhood and then started dinner – sloppy joes, root veggie fries, and grapes.

After Table Chores, the boys worked on some coding projects together and Lia made some Pumpkin Butter Bars using the banana squash butter I canned this fall. They were ok, but not phenomenal, so we won’t be keeping that recipe.

That evening, I decided to order the 2022 Outfit Formulas membership. I’ve used some of her products in the past, and decided I wanted to buy the year-long membership for all of the seasons and see if I can up my clothing game a bit!



Mercy has a rheumatology appointment at noon today in the city, so this morning we have a lot to do!

I made Mercy pancakes for breakfast and gave Aspen a bath because she didn’t get hers at the same time as everyone else. Then, we got started on Morning Time!

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