Look and feel your best at the gym this year


Its that time of year again when many of us are returning to the gym with new resolve and determination following a season of excess, and though hitting the treadmill or the squat rack might feel more necessary now than ever, the thought of getting back into that fitness gear is also at its most daunting.

At a time when many of us are prone to residual bloating after consuming rich foods and drinking plentiful amounts of our favourite wines and champagnes over the Christmas and New Year periods, fitted leggings and crop tops could quite possibly be the last things you feel like putting on. And, after weeks spent dressing up to the nines and looking your most glamorous for that never-ending line-up of Christmas cocktail parties and black-tie dos, youd be forgiven if getting into casual attire and working up a sweat doesnt seem all that appealing, either.

The good news is that these days, going to the gym doesnt have to mean compromising on your appearance and no, were not suggesting you turn up for that barre class in a full face of designer make-up, either. But, by making a few clever choices, you can look and feel your best when rocking up for your next workout session and best of all, it couldnt be easier.

Join a luxury health club to beat the crowds

Join a luxury health club to beat the crowds

With masses of people returning to the gym every January, the idea of hitting the free weights can seem pretty unappealing. Who wants to waste an hour queueing for equipment when you could have been in and out in 45 minutes, and well on your way home?

To beat the crowds and ensure you get that quality time in the gym, why not treat yourself to an annual membership to that new luxury health club youve had your eye on? As they say, you get what you pay for, and premium establishments often come with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled trainers and a larger, less crowded space in which to complete your workouts.

Ensure your gym wear is the right fit

Lets start with the most obvious thing: your gym attire. The clothes you wear for your workout can have a huge impact on the way you feel; get it wrong, and you could find yourself battling poor self-image and self-consciousness throughout your session, distracting you from the matter at hand and stopping you from hitting that new PB.

So, dont just squeeze yourself into your smaller pre-Christmas clothes, or those too-big leggings from last year our bodies are always changing, so make sure you always have an outfit to fit your current shape.

Always ensure your gym wear is the right fit

Your workout gear should be like a second skin, so that youre barely conscious of it a all during your session. That is, unless youre admiring how good it looks in the mirror during your floor session in which case, go right ahead!

Athleisure has been a key trend over the past few years, and as such, you shouldnt have any trouble splurging on some gorgeous key pieces from your favourite designer brands. Online stores like Insport have a great selection to choose from, too and all without the stress of sweaty changing rooms and unforgiving mirrors!

Opt for good quality materials

The importance of good quality materials isnt limited to aesthetics alone. Breathable materials are essential for keeping cool and while working out, and will help you to avoid those unwelcome sweat marks, too. Lets face it there are few things more humiliating to have to deal with during your hour at the gym.

Comfort here is key, so ensure that you can move and stretch with ease and that the materials you choose dont feel itchy, scratchy or tight. It might seem like a lot of effort for an outfit youll have to throw straight in the washing machine when you get home, but youll thank yourself for it during that HIIT class.

Going to the gym doesnt have to feel like a chore

Dont forget your essentials

If you want to look and feel good at the gym, invest in a few accessories that can make the experience more fun for you and dont forget the essentials. Wireless headphones, such as the rose gold Beats offering will provide you with the soundtrack you need for a great workout just link them up to your iPhone via Bluetooth to listen to your favourite playlist.

Sweat bands can come in handy if youre worried about sweat ruining your makeup or making you feel uncomfortable and a reusable bottle of water is also a must have so that you can rehydrate yourself throughout. Also make sure to pack the essentials youll need to freshen up in the shower afterwards then there will be no need to be worried about getting a little red-faced during your class.

Going to the gym doesnt have to feel like a chore, and there are many benefits for health and wellbeing to be enjoyed if you can bring yourself sweat it out for an hour or so a few times a week. So, purchase that luxury membership, treat yourself to some new designer gear and get going youll thank yourself for it later.

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