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Creating resistance sportswear that looks good and functions well is next to impossible. Weighted vests that look sleek often bounce, slide, and dig into the skin during HIIT workouts. Ankle weights look dumb most of the time. Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear has made loaded gear that’s more streamlined than anything on the market, and it still looks like you’re covered in boils.

Instead of using bouncy sandbags or weight plates Velcroed into nylon fabric, Omorpho sews hundreds of small, weighted dots into the fabric of their tops, bottoms, and vests that grow and shrink in size relative to the muscles they’re covering. This creates resistance that’s subtle but noticeable, and far more enjoyable than a 10-pound metal slab slapping against your back and abs with every squat jump.

Larger muscle groups are covered in larger dots while certain common touchpoints like the knees and butt don’t have any, and the effect is that no area in particular feels more strain than another. There’s no fabric digging into your shoulder or vest sliding towards one side in a plank. I tested their G-Vest+, G-Top Long Sleeve, and G-Tights, and they all hug tightly to the body and are easy to move in. The vest looks like a slimmer weighted vest that covers the chest and most of the abdomen, whereas the long sleeve and tights fit like regular workout clothing.

The problem is they look downright carbuncular, which makes them impractical for daily strength training, or walking outside to the gym. You look weird in it. However, it added just enough weight for me to feel an extra burn without impeding my ability to move. No other brand has been able to create that experience.

Omorpho Review: The Weighted Gear That's Actually Built for Movement


Omorpho G-Vest+

Omorpho’s G-Vest+ is one of the best weighted vests SPY editors have ever tried. It’s one of the only ones built with this type of tailored fit that still gives the user a full range of motion, and the tightening straps on the side give it a tight and very comfortable fit.

Omorpho Review: The Weighted Gear That's Actually Built for Movement

Omorpho G-Top Long Sleeve

The G-Top Long Sleeve from Omorpho adds just under two pounds of weight evenly distributed across the arms, shoulder, chest, torso, and back. The biggest lesson it teaches you is how lightweight regular workout clothes are, since just two pounds feels heavier than most long sleeves you wear to the gym.

Omorpho Review: The Weighted Gear That's Actually Built for Movement

Omorpho G-Tight

The G-Tight feels lighter than the shirt because it weighs less (one pound instead of two), and the weight is distributed over a larger surface area. They fit like workout leggings but don’t hug the body as closely because of the nodular weights.

My first few workouts in the long-sleeve and leggings combo felt harder than I expected. When you first put it on, the amount of resistance mimics the feeling of wearing wet clothing. It’s not crazy heavy, but it’s there. Doing sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups all came with more of a burn. The gear is, surprisingly, very comfortable to wear, and even while lying down I couldn’t feel the bumps and wasn’t bothered by the texture.

It’s warmer than regular athleisure and after breaking a sweat towards the end of my workout, I wondered how one washes microloaded fabric. Apparently, it goes into the washing machine inside out and tumble dries on low. I’m happy to report this worked and there was no damage to my machine or the pieces.

Omorpho’s weighted vest is my favorite product of theirs, out of the ones that I tried. Not only does it share the same innovatively resistant, sleek design as the rest of Omorpho’s gear but it actually has a flattering silhouette. In the world of military-grade weighted vests that swallow up the body behind boxy armor, Omorpho has cut out the unnecessary Velcro, weird buckles and chafing fabric. They’ve kept the resistance, but made it as comfortable to wear as possible and hug tightly to the body so you don’t experience any bouncing or slapping during HIIT movements like jump squats and lunges.

Will I adorn Omorpho during my thrice weekly strength sessions? Probably not, but the G-Vest+ will stay in my gym as an option. Testing their weighted clothing was a fun experiment, but I’d rather just carry dumbbells. It would be perfect for a shameless someone who loves daily walks or hikes and wants to subtly tone their whole body as they move. However, the weighted vest is definitely accompanying me on my next training run, both because it adds just five pounds and doesn’t make me look like a Miami SWAT rookie.

Frequently Asked Questions About Omorpho Gravity Sportswear

How Should You Workout While Wearing Omorpho Gravity Sportswear?

Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear can be worn during any movement, since it’s clothing that hugs the body tightly. This gives the wearer a large range of motion and frees them up to do yoga, hike, do HIIT classes, run, strength train, and stretch.

How Do You Wash Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear?

Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear can go in a regular washing machine after being turned inside out.

Is Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear Comfortable to Wear?

Yes, Omorpho’s gear is some of the most comfortable weighted gear I’ve tried. Granted it’s not as heavy as a 15 or 20-pound weighted vest, but it definitely adds resistance with minimal impact on your ability to move.

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