Spring is here, and it’s a time for new beginnings, so there’s no time like the present to hop on the family fitness train! Not only will it get you out of the house, but you’ll have more energy and feel good, too

From the right weight set to a Yoga mat and even a fitness tracker, we’ve got all the best fitness gear to get you moving. See them all below. 
photo: Eco Vessel Waterbottle

This 240z stainless steel insulated straw water bottle is a good fit for everyone except the tiniest members of a family. 

Buy it here, $34.95.

photo: Target Resistance Bands

You can take these bands anywhere for an on-the-go workout. You even get a training manual with exercises. 

Buy them here, $15.99.

photo: Brookstone Wireless Speaker

If you’re setting up a family fitness session, a good wireless speaker will add to the fun. You can take it to the park and run sprints or play basketball, or use it to jump rope and do yoga in the garage. 

Buy it here, $69.95. 

photo: Walmart Wireless Earbuds

If you're doing a solo workout, a pair of earbuds will let you listen to your favorite tunes while moving. While there are dozens of styles and brands, these Boss Bud Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are super affordable and have great reviews.

Buy them here, $27.99.

photo: Walmart Fitness Ball

Doubling as core training fitness gear and ergonomic seating, a fitness ball is fun for the whole family. This one comes in 11 colors and has a pump! 

Buy it here, $19.99.

photo: Target Yoga Mat

From HITT classes to Yoga and even weight training, a Yoga mat is a must-have when it comes to fitness gear. There’s even an option to buy a beginner’s Yoga set.

Buy it here, $34.99. 

photo: Fabletics Basic Shorts

These shorts are a key piece of workout gear for dads. 

Buy them here, $39.95.

photo: Amazon Weight Set

A good set of dumbbells is a game-changer. We like this one with 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25lbs that comes with a rack. It’s pricey though, and if you are a beginner to family fitness, this beginner set works well too. 

Buy it here, $299.99.

photo: Target Leggings 

Target has dozens of styles and fits for all types of bodies. 

Buy them here, $20.

photo: New Balance Athletic Shoes

Whether you’re running, riding a bike, doing a HIIT workout or doing strength training, the right shoes are key. New Balance has dozens of styles for different types of shoes that are perfect for family fitness. 
Buy them here, $34.99 & up.

photo: Amazon Jump Rope

One of the easiest ways to get fit (and have fun!) is to invest in a jump rope. This one is adjustable, so the whole family can use it. 

Order it here, $10.89.

photo: Stealth Stealth Plankster Core Muscle Workout

Play games while trying to hold a plank! Sounds simple, right? See if you can make it in three minutes! 

Find it here. $149

photo: Walmart Fitness Tracker

If you don’t already have an Apple Watch, a fitness tracker is a great way to stay on track. You can even get your kids one, like this VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Buy it here, $78.95.

photo: Jansport Backpack

When you hit the trail with the kids, having a good backpack to stow all their snacks and your supplies is a must. 

Buy it here, $70.

photo: Academy Sports Attachable Light

Stay safe before dawn or after dusk with a light that easily attaches to your clothing or stroller

Buy it here, $24.99.

photo: BuyBuy Baby Jogging Stroller

You can’t hit the trail with little ones unless you’ve got the right gear. The BOB Gear® Revolution® Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller is a top-rated best-selling stroller. 

Buy it here, $499.99.

photo: Italic Fitness Gear at Cost through Italic

It wasn't too long ago that finding a set of hand weights was near impossible. Now you can join Italic, a membership-based online marketplace that sells designer quality products at cost––and that includes all the things you need to get fit. For $120 a year, your subscription gets you unlimited access to 800+ products at cost, including home, travel, apparel, accessories and more.

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Featured image: iStock 

—Gabby Cullen

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