Strong, Fast, & Fit: Learning the Ropes (Part II, Month 2)


People often start to see and feel subtle changes around the four-week point of a new training program: Challenging physical tasks may be easier; clothes might fit better; friends may say youre looking fitter.

Even if big changes arent apparent to the eye, major shifts are occurring. Youre building new muscle mass and burning off body fat, particularly around your belly, where health-threatening fat camps out. New neural connections are proliferating. Your brain is thriving from repeated exposure to mood- and productivity-enhancing hormones. Theres a new elasticity in your connective tissue, new power and vitality in your cardiovascular system.

These changes are your bodys response to the new, beneficial stress of exercise.

If you want to keep adapting, that stress needs to change. Thats what youll do this month: New exercises, heavier weights, and new cardio-focused workouts will give your muscles, nerves, and connective tissue something different to adapt to.

Outside the gym, youll continue to refine your diet and add some extra mobility work and movement that will keep you limber and loose even on rest days.

Just jumping on board now? Visit Strong, Fast & Fit: Learning the Ropes (Part II, Month 1) for Month 1 of this six-month program.

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