The longlist for the Dezeen Awards 2021 design categories has been revealed, with 308 projects selected across 12 categories.

All longlisted design projects are listed below, each with a link to a dedicated page on the Dezeen Awards website where you can find an image and more information about each one.

All longlists announced this week

The architecture longlist and the interiors longlist were published earlier this week, while the studio longlist will be unveiled tomorrow, and the media longlist on Friday.

Above: Common Sands - Forite Tiles by Studio Plastique, Snøhetta and Fornace Brioni is longlisted in the sustainable design category. Photo by Kjetil S. Andersen/OiOiOi. Top: L’Art Plissé by Folkform is longlisted in the exhibition design category. Photo by Mike Karlsson Lundgren
Longlisted projects have been selected from over 4,700 entries from 87 countries for the fourth edition of our awards programme, which celebrates the world's best architecture, interiors and design as well as studios and individuals producing the most outstanding work.

Shortlists to be unveiled in September

The next stage of Dezeen Awards 2021 will see all longlisted projects assessed by our panel of 75 industry-leading professionals, which include Karin Gustafsson, Olafur Eliasson and Karim Rashid.

Ginza 456 Created by KDDI by Dentsu is longlisted in the architectural lighting design category. Photo by Yasu Kojima
The judges will determine which projects feature on the shortlists, which will be announced in September.

A further round of judging by our master jury will determine the category winners, which will be announced in November.

V&A - Bags: Inside Out by Studio MUTT is longlisted in the exhibition design category. Photo by French + Tye
The 12 winners of the design project awards will fight it out to be declared overall design project of the year.

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Below is the full design longlist:

Soda by Miniforms is longlisted in the furniture design category. Photo is by Alessandro di Bon with styling by Laura Pozzi
Furniture design

› Klaatu by Adam & Arthur

› Explorer Tables by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design

› Celeste by Dam

› Float by Dean Norton

› Eva Timber Bed Frame by Eva

› Brise by Wonho

› Bowater Collection by Jan Hedzel Studio

› Io Crib by Kalon Studios

› Mycelium Collection by LI-AN-LO Studio

› Hide & Seek by MDO

› Soda by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

› Mod Media Furniture by

› Easca Coffee Table by Orior

› Teak Collection by Outer

› Primitives [1] by Ozruh

› Pegg Furniture by Pegg Furniture

› TT_01 by Poesenvanhiel

› NYNY by Storagemilano for GTV Design

› Ruins by Roberto Sironi

› The Hidden by Sikorski Supreme Furniture

› Jupiter by Space of Space

› solid+subtract by Stance Studio

› Leva Modular System by Studio 519

› Bulbous by Studio Sain

› Plint by Cecilie Manz for Takt

› Eagle Console by Xavier Lust

Browse all projects on the furniture design longlist page.

N-DC01 by Karimoku is longlisted in the seating design category. Photo is by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Seating design

› Afteroom Plywood Chair by Afteroom AB

› Deck Chair Oona by Atelier Sandemar

› OVO Chair Collection by Benchmark Furniture

› MPavilion 2020 Stool Dolly by BoardGrove Architects

› The Severus Lounger by Christian Watson

› August Lounges by Gibson Karlo for DesignByThem

› Circus Wood by Edits

› Cask by Expormim

› Puffy Lounge Chair by Faye Toogood for Hem

› Seats System by Josefin Zachrisson

› Heartbeat by Karim Rashid

› N-DC01 Dining Chair by Karimoku

› Folding chair by Lanza Atelier

› Musico Chair by Lee Broom

› Sitting on London Clay by Local Collective

› Zampa Chair by Mattiazzi

› Richard by Michael Young for Modus

› Core and Remnant by Sancal

› Gamar Chair & Stool by Spacon and X

› Face Stool by Studiomama

› Sling Lounge Chair by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin for Takt

› Ermis Chair by The New Raw

› Evolve Chair by Tom Robinson

› Evo-C by Vitra

› Link by We+

Browse all projects on the seating design longlist page.

The Enso Collection by Studio Kloak is longlisted in the lighting design category
Lighting design

› Pepa by Astep

› Charlotte by Daniel Becker Studio

› Origine by Davide Groppi

› Daylight by Dean Norton

› Dyson Lightcycle Morph by Dyson

› Solsticio by Esrawe Studio

› T-Lamp by Regular Company for Frama

› Desert Series by Jes Paone for Jeshua Paone Architecture Studio

› Cyborg Outdoor by Karim Rashid

› Dorval Collection by Lambert & Fils

› Easy Peasy by Lodes

› The Watts Table Lamp by Lulu LaFortune

› Dune by LZF Lamps

› OBJ-01 by Manu Bañó

› Sunne by Marjan van Aubel

› Arca Portable by Matter Made

› Alis by Potemine

› Cling by Robert Dabi

› Indre by Rakumba

› Boga Collection for Hollis + Morris by II by IV

› Elio Lamps by soft-geometry

› Fellow Lamp by Space Copenhagen

› Moonlight by Pepe Heykoop

› Team by Tobias Grau

› Lens Lights by Yair Neuman

Browse all projects on the lighting design longlist page.

Apple Marina Bay Sands by Foster + Partners is longlisted in the architectural lighting design category. Photo is by Finbarr Fallon
Architectural lighting design

› Le Monde by BOA

› Lookout House by CLL Concept Lighting Lab

› Ginza 456 Created by KDDI by Dentsu Inc.

› Acropolis of Athens and Monuments by Eleftheria Deko

› Odesa Food Market by Expolight

› Residential Complex Saga City Space by Expolight

› Open by Flint Collective NYC

› Apple Marina Bay Sands by Foster + Partners

› Qingyuan Qingcheng Pop-Up Sales Gallery by Glint Lighting Design

› Wuxi Yuqi Sales Gallery by Glint Lighting Design

› Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial by L'Observatoire International

› Nancy and Rich Kinder Museum Building by L'Observatoire International

› The Metropolitan Museum of Art British Galleries by L'Observatoire International

› Nike Paris, House of Innovation 002 by L'Observatoire International

› Maggie's Leeds by Light Bureau

› Östermalms Saluhall by Light Bureau

› Harrods Dining Hall by Lighting Design International

› HE Museum by Lumia Lab

› Hanging Gardens at The Field Museum by Morlights

› Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist by Morlights

› Grand Hyatt Hefei by Project Lighting Design

› Restaurant Aira by Sweco Architects

› Truman's Social Club by There's Light

› Blok Manchester by There's Light

› 70 St. Mary Axe by Unibox

Browse all projects on the architectural lighting design longlist page.

Kolam Carpets by Tania and Sandeep Khosla is longlisted in the homeware design category. Photo is by Fabien Charuau
Homeware design

› The Ellipse Collection by Armadillo

› Archetypes by Bhumi Ceramica

› Stone & Grand Antique Marble Diffuser by Diptyque

› Super Circular Department Store by GoodWaste

› 19-19 by Child Studio for Floor_Story

› Mediterranean collection by Adam Nathaniel Furman for Floor_Story

› One Love Collection by Hands Carpets

› Cultivate Collection by Yuri Himuro

› Guculiya.Tini by Hochu-rayu

› Quatro by Jaksic Gallery

› Chromarama by Kukka

› Monoware Ceramics by Monoware

› CArrelé by Nature Squared

› 001 Stack Burner by Populus Project

› Sixty&Twelve by Rosenthal

› Noah by Sonderlust

› Rug collection Lutetia and Juno by Studio Agne

› The Misused by Studio Liang-Jung Chen

› Sundays by Studio Paola Sakr

› Kolam Carpets by Tania and Sandeep Khosla

› Feminised Protein by Tessa Silva

› Drift by Tom Fereday Design

› Utility Knife Series by Veark

› Wine Rack by Mowat & Co

› Anima Collection by Yabu Pushelberg

› Nornir by Zsuzsanna Horvath

Browse all projects on the homeware design longlist page.

Sparkle Acoustic Lighting Collection by Ali Berkman for Feltouch is longlisted in the workplace design category
Workplace design

› Silentum by Acustio

› Table by Artifox

› The Noa Desk by Benchmark Furniture

› Modus by Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen for Fora Form

› Line Unit Shelf by Design for Industry

› Room Divider by Dutch Invertuals

› Goose by Emiliana Design Studio

› Sparkle Acoustic Lighting Collection by Feltouch

› Pergola by Haworth

› OE1 Mobile Easel by Industrial Facility

› OE1 Micro Packs by Industrial Facility

› OE1 Nook by Industrial Facility

› Studio Moods by IVC Commercial

› BuildUp Pods & Pavilions by Kauppi & Kauppi

› Iris Powerhub by Kondator

› Kendo Swivel Chair by LucidiPevere

› The Linear System Series by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto

› Plec Wall by Odosdesign

› Drehgriffel by Paperlux Studio

› Peacock Chair by Plural Creative

› Office Desks by Scenario Architecture

› Kite by Stellar Works

› Blend Workstation by Studio O+A

› Swell by The Collective Agency

› GEO Desk Accessories by Woodendot

› Alada Floating Folding Desk by Woodendot

Browse all projects on the workplace design longlist page.

Elvie Curve by Elvie is longlisted in the wearable design category
Wearable design

› Dappe Comb by 3rd Diadem

› Aether Audio Eyewear by Aether Eyewear

› Pride by Alex Donahue

› Convertibles - Clothes That Kids Can Make by Almaborealis

› Alpha SL Anorak by Arc'teryx Equipment

› Rollmask by AttiaDesign

› Nevo Urban Mask by BMCO

› The Jumper by Brevite

› Smell Revived by BroadAR

› Resilience Paraclimbing Pants by Canadian Adaptive Climbing

› Courser Uno by Courser

› Vesper Touch & Tease Ring by Crave

› Elvie Curve by Elvie

› Vodafone Neo by Fuseproject

› Design for Freedom Face Mask by Shohei Yoshida and Peter Miller for Grace Farms

› Parametric Knitting by Inbar Shahak

› HY Clutch by JK3D

› Beyond Biomimicry by Kate Reed

› E-YES Amblyopia Trainer by Ming Chi University of Technology

› Pebble Pods by Misho

› Hatch Watch by Negroimpar

› Overlap Watch by Negroimpar

› Gesture by Nouktah

› Petit Pli - Adaptive Womenswear by Petit Pli

› Scaled by Scaled

› Floating Above Limits by SiiGii

› Genesis Un-labelled Jeans by Unspun

Browse all projects on the wearable design longlist page.

My Football Kit by Nendo for Molten is longlisted in the product design category. Photo is by Akihiro Yoshida
Product design

› Cupple by Aetha Design Studio

› Angell by Angell

› Volta Zero by Astheimer

› Fussy Refillable Deodorant by Blond

› The Pickup Truck by Canoo

› Cultivate Collection by CC-Tapis

› Closca Bottle Wave by Closca

› VOX Ventilator by Fuseproject

› Nest Audio by Google

› Nest Thermostat by Google

› HY Clutch by JK3D

› Knop Knop Soft Felt Building Kit by Knop Knop

› My Football Kit by Nendo for Molten

› Set Battery by Nolii

› Noori® V02 Airy by Noori

› InstaSwab by OPT Industries

› Forest Crayons by Playfool

› Qoobi NEO by Qoobi

› Lei by SOL Style

› Degree Inclusive by Sour

› Haptics of Cooking by Studio Boey

› Disc by Studio Piet Boon

› RB Series Collaborative Robot by Tangerine

› Milano/horizontal by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti for Tubes

› Urwahn Bike Platzhirsch by Urwahn Engineering

Browse all projects on the product design longlist page.

iQ Natural by Tarkett is longlisted in the sustainable design category. Photo is by Aude Monier
Sustainable design

› Fussy Refillable Deodorant by Blond

› Future Wardrobe by Future Wardrobe

› Cocoon by HagenHinderdael

› Honext Material by Honext Material

› Poma/Olera: Patera Magna by House of Thol

› Karin Carlander by Karin Carlander

› Solid Textile Board Coated By Really for Kvadrat

› The Resurface Table by Norwegian Trash

› Algae Bioplastic Vessels by Other Matter

› Bee Loop Honey Pot by Pencil and Lion

› MSK by Petit Pli

› Ptacek Home Chunk Line by Ptacek Home

› Furniture Pavilion S by Rooi Design and Research

› Scarlett Yang by Scarlett Yang Design

› Cardboard Ceramics After School Club by Store Projects

› Aquastor by Zihao Design

› Living Coffin by Studio Hendrikx and Loop Biotech

› NomNom by Studio Philipp Hainke

› Common Sands - Forite Tiles by Studio Plastique, Snøhetta and Fornace Brioni

› Notpla by Superunion

› iQ Natural by Tarkett

› The Elements by The New Raw

› This is Copper by ThusThat

› Tempera Series by Wknd Lab

› Whecat by XiaoLab

Browse all projects on the sustainable design longlist page.

Ox in a Box by Fictionist Studio is longlisted in the graphic design category
Graphic design

› CRTA by Bruketa&Zinic&Grey

› Brent Cross Town: A Park for Future London by Dn&co

› The Museum of the Home by Dn&co

› ADM Travelling Show 2020 by Factory

› Ox in a Box by Fictionist Studio

› Fable Whisky by Gpstudio

› Mozilla Festival by HeyHeydeHaas

› AIANY Design Awards 2021 by Isometric Studio

› Dali Mixed Tea by Linshaobin Design

› Magic Canvas: Helping children to express themselves by Magpie Studio

› Silver Lyan by Magpie Studio

› The Norwegian Landscape – The New Norwegian Passports by Neue Design Studio

› PGH Bricks Style Guide Campaign by Nexus Designs

› Stories in Sounds by Nord ID Riga

› Trim Type by Ogilvy Istanbul

› Dementia-Friendly Wayfinding System by Immortal

› Moholy-Nagy Foundation identity by Pentagram

› Insecta Iridesse by Plus Collaboratives

› Rios Brand identity by Rios

› Devan's Coffee by Aish Keshav

› Bicycle Parking Garage The Hague by Silo

› Staircase of Dreams by The Fandangoe Kid

› The Complete Short Stories: Philip K. Dick by The Folio Society

› This Will (Not) Be Easy by Volume Inc.

› Tea House by ZRP Printing Group

Browse all projects on the graphic design longlist page.

The Egg Rack Made a Disclaimer by Studio Liang-Jung Chen is longlisted in the exhibition design category. Photo by Liang-Jung Chen
Exhibition design

› Jewish Museum Berlin - Jewish life in Germany. Past and Present by Arge Chezweitz and Hella Rolfes Architekten

› Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet by Atelier Brückner

› Kids Museum of Glass 2.0 by Coordination Asia

› Nero: the Man Behind the Myth by Drinkall Dean

› The Box, Plymouth by Event Communications

› L’Art Plissé by Folkform

› U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum by Gallagher & Associates

› Epic Iran at The V&A by Gort Scott

› Ping Tung Thing by HAO Design

› Museum of Copenhagen by JAC studios

› Re-Source by Lanza Atelier

› Faith and Liberty Discovery Center by Local Projects

› Greenwood Rising: Black Wall Street History Center by Local Projects

› Cindy Sherman at Fondation Louis Vuitton - Paris by Marco Palmieri Studio

› Refugees: Forced to Flee by Nissen Richards Studio

› The Notebooks of Giancarlo De Carlo by Parasite 2.0

› Soul Bed by Saint Cloche

› V&A Fashioned From Nature at the Design Society by Studio 10

› The Egg Rack Made a Disclaimer by Studio Liang-Jung Chen

› V&A - Bags: Inside Out by Studio Mutt

› Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn, Reflections, Origins, Connections and Innovations by Thylacine

› Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, Phillip Island, Victoria by Thylacine

› Backstage by Tinker Imagineers

› Beethoven Moves by Tom Postma Design

› No Show by Youssofzay + Hart

Browse all projects on the exhibition design longlist page.

Secret Sky by Alibi Studio is longlisted in the installation design category. Photo by Catie Newell
Installation design

› Homegrown by After Architecture

› Secret Sky by Alibi Studio

› Entry Portals, Expo 2020 Dubai by Asif Khan

› Together Apart by Behin Ha Design Studio

› Remembering a Brave New World by Chila Kumari Burman

› La Concordia: Amphitheater by Colab-19

› Society's Cage by Dayton Schroeter and Julian Arrington, SmithGroup

› Brighter Days Ahead by Giaimo

› Conscious Actions by Gt2P

› Ziggy by Hou de Sousa

› Chasing Sounds by Impromptu Projects

› Confluence Memorial by Manmade Studio

› Andrum - Room for Thought by Nyréns Arkitektkontor

› Drawing Fields by Outpost Office

› Social Network Factory by People's Architecture Office

› Evanescent by Pineapple Design Studio

› Unfolding, London Design Biennale 2021 by PLP Architecture

› Sole by Quiet Ensemble

› The Electric Nemeton by Sam Jacob Studio

› Chromo Sapiens by Shoplifter

› Outdoorsy by Stock-A-Studio

› Bloomlight by Studio Vouw

› Alive by The Living

› The Plywood Protection Project by Worthless Studios

› Digital Design of a Thin-shell Metal Woven Pavilion by Xisui Digital & LA Studio

Browse all projects on the installation design longlist page.

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