There are other places in your home that are just as important, such as the bedroom, the basement, and yes, the laundry room too.


Most of the time, it’s easy to focus on only remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. The vast majority of renovation projects focus on these rooms. But there are other places in your home that are just as important, such as the bedroom, the basement, and yes, the laundry room too. 
Clean It Up 
Before you can do anything else, it’s essential to clean up the room. Get rid of any clutter and clean off the surfaces that are left behind. Clean dirt and grime and caked-in residue from dirt, mud, or laundry detergent. This helps open up space, especially if you have a small laundry area that isn’t only dedicated to washing and drying. Dispose of anything that has built up as clutter. It gets in your way and can make it hard to open and close the machines as necessary.
Add More Storage 
Another way to deal with the clutter problem is to add more storage into the room. Baskets, bins, and clothes hamper all make excellent solutions if you need smaller storage vessels. Also, you can separate clothes into different loads both going into the laundry and coming out – this is because you could have items that shouldn’t go into the dryer, or if your spouse wants to keep towels and bedding separate from clothes. 
Add Drying Racks 
Adding more drying racks into your laundry room is another excellent idea, especially if you have the room for it. A wall-mounted rack is something to experiment with if space is at a premium. Even in a larger laundry room, you can still use it to save some valuable floor space, especially if you wanted to iron or press your clothes while still in the laundry room of your home. It all depends on where your laundry room is located.
Add Cupboards or Shelves
Cupboards and shelves are immensely useful in the kitchen. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to use them in the laundry room, too. This is a handy spot to keep detergent bottles, laundry pods, dryer sheets, and other essentials. Instead of knobs or handles, play around with drawer or door pulls instead. Different hardware can help inject some new life into your previously musty laundry room!
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