To say that Camila Ramirez is enthusiastic about getting more people to enjoy the outdoor life is an understatement.  Camila feels passionate that getting outdoors, away from city life and into a natural environment, is essential for finding your...


When she is out on one of her adventures—big or small—she believes that the natural world allows her to find inspiration, balance, be more active, and have a better focus on her path in life.

Camila Ramirez and one of the Overland Discovery camper van rentals (Photo via Overland Discovery)

Camila feels the pull of the wild with enough force that in 2017 she and her then-fiancé-now-husband Eric Collier decided to jointly start a business that would become Overland Discovery, a small rental fleet of ready-to-go overland camper vehicles based out of Denver, Colorado.

Equally savvy and spunky, Camila put her love of travel and a background in hospitality and tourism to work to develop a way that anyone can simply rent a vehicle and have all the essentials needed for a comfortable adventure.

Eric’s military background and extensive experience with functional precision camping equipment make him the perfect partner to help develop and refine the Overland Discover rental system.  The duo has built custom shelving and cabinets into the vehicles, learning from each vehicle’s build and making improvements on the next.

For a very reasonable rate, you can rent a capable and well-maintained vehicle that holds up to 4 people, equipped with a rooftop pop-up sleep system by RoofNest, and all the equipment you need—sleeping bags, pillows, a camp stove, chairs, even a fridge and a shower or a bike rack if you wish.

All you need to bring with you are your clothes and food to fuel your fun.  You can choose from a dirt-road capable Jeep or one of their decked out more pavement-oriented camper vans, depending on your trip wishes.

Overland Discovery rentals include everything you need and nothing you don’t for a comfortable adventure. (Photo via Overland Discovery)

If you are new to overlanding or are the type of person who would prefer to have someone else schedule your adventure, you can opt to have a customized trip planned out to meet your needs.  Whether it is an epic mountain bike weekend or a week-long tour of the best fishing holes and hot springs, Camila’s team can develop the perfect itinerary before you arrive.

Overland Discovery’s popularity is motivating this duo to expand the business.  Camila was able to quit her prior office job recently and is working on this business full-time as well as hiring a few more employees, now comprising of a capable team of four.

In addition to the Denver headquarters, she and Eric are hoping to add a second location in Las Vegas soon, and want to eventually work toward additional locations, which opens the possibility of one-way rentals.  The team prioritizes employing military veterans with outdoor experience, as that skillset has already proven useful to their company goals.

Camila and Eric have worked hard to outfit each rental with all the camping necessities (Photo by TC Wait)

Camila’s goal is to include everything you need and nothing you don’t to be truly comfortable (we are talking 3-inch memory foam mattresses) and get away from it all.  She has searched out equipment that is simple and easy to use so that you don’t waste a lot of time setting up camp rather than enjoying the natural world around you.

Overland Discovery has noticed a large increase in reservations by single women ready to try solo adventures, including one woman who took one of their camper vans up through parts of Canada and back. She also remembers planning a fantastic coming-of-age adventure with a father and son.

If you are someone who loves to get away for an adventure but aren’t really into roughing it, or packing and planning (and cleaning up afterward), Overland Discovery is a perfect match. Learn more about the company on their website

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