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In case you didn't know, we went to Italy for our 30th anniversary in September. I knew I wanted to travel lightly (like we did for our Scotland/Ireland trip to see  College Girl last fall).
Luckily it would be warm where we were going but we still had to pack for inclement weather.  We'd be staying in hotels, not Airbnbs, so we wouldn't be able to do our laundry either.
I made sure all of the clothes I packed could do double or triple duty. I stocked up on solid bottoms-shorts and pants-and added in pops of color with my tops. {Shopping: Some New Summer Fashions} {More Summer Fashion Finds}  I tried on everything a few times to make sure I had plenty of options. We would also be traveling between cities by train so we wanted minimal bags and comfy travel clothes.
 I whittled it down to this much clothing; including a packable rain jacket, sun hat, umbrella, purse, 2 sweaters (one long striped cardigan and one short black cardigan) and 3 pairs of shoes (two pairs of Birkenstocks and a pair of TOM's.) I knew we'd be doing LOTS of walking so comfy shoes were key! Using this portable clothing rack was a huge help in planning what to bring as well.
We were ready for take off!
to be continued...
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