You know you and your friends are real men so why is it still difficult to get dates?


You're good-looking guys and you have your outfits nailed, what's holding you back?

The secret is there's more to being attractive and stylish than genetics and clothes.

Today I'm going to share the final piece of the puzzle…

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Let's get straight into what real men never do!

#1 Real Men Don't Interrupt Other People

Interrupting your girlfriend is not a good look – however great your idea is!

I get it. It's easy to get over-excited and blurt out your contribution to a conversation. You're buzzing with ideas and you want to be involved.

Don't cross the line though and become rude by taking away someone else's time. Being a good listener is a great look on anyone.


#2 Real Men Don't Pick Their Nose

Blow your nose instead of picking it.

Sound childish? I hope so because it is. You'd be surprised how many grown men I still catch doing this though.

You might think you only do it when others aren't around. But, you'd be surprised how many men do things like this without realizing it.


#3 Real Men Don't Leave Their Neck Hair Unchecked

Your barber will be able to get a better view and help you keep it short.

Regularly shaving your facial hair and getting a haircut are taken for granted. But that's not all the hair you have. The back of your neck has hair which, if nothing is done, could start appearing up the back of your shirt.

Not very stylish…

Work with your barber. If they don't do it already, they should be happy to trim it for you the next time you're in. After that, it's up to you to maintain it. Don't let it get out of control.


#4 Real Men Don't Forget To Clean Up Afterwards

Leave no trace.

Gents, let's be honest. Too many of us are still using the toilet standing up, ‘shooting from the hip' and not cleaning up the damage. If you make a mess, it's your responsibility to clean it up, no-one else's.

The same goes for the gym. If your exercise bench is sweaty at the end of a session, wipe it up. Next, if you're strong enough to put your plates on the bar, you're strong enough to re-rack them afterward.

In short, I want you to own your actions. Leave places better than you found them.


#5 Real Men Aren't Afraid To Speak Their Mind

The confidence to share your thoughts is an attractive quality.

You want to make friends and be popular, right? It might seem like the best thing to do is nod your head and agree with everything people say. You're afraid to be honest because if people don't agree with you they might not like you.

I can tell you from personal experience this will backfire. Nobody likes a yes-man. People aren't stupid, agreeing to everything will make you seem cryptic because nobody knows where you really stand. Having a back-and-forth conversation and challenging each other is fun.

As Hollywood actor Paul Newman once said, “A man with no enemies is a man with no character”. I guarantee you'll be more popular because people might not 100% agree with you.


#6 Real Men Don't Complain

Don't be this guy!

The converse of being too afraid to speak your mind is sharing every negative thought that comes into your head. This is another trap that's easy to fall into, the human mind has evolved to be very good at finding problems to mention.

The trick is learning to filter your thoughts and being constructive. It's the difference between complaining it's cold and offering to turn up the thermostat.


#7 Real Men Don't Spit

Is this you?

This is a habit some men fall into either from smoking or otherwise. Ultimately, this is almost universally disliked so if this is something you've fallen into doing, you need to stop doing it.

I talk here about how to break a bad habit. It's not easy, but it must be done and I guarantee you will feel better when you've done it.


#8 Real Men Clean Their Dirty Nails

This guy needs a nail brush for sure.

You already wash your hands, what more can you do? Tiny bits of dirt will still be there, some visible and some not. Your fingers and running water can't get everything, you need something purpose-made. It will look bad and also smell.

Do you want your girlfriend to notice every time you even brush her cheek?

I highly recommend picking up some combination of a nail brush, file and scissors to really attack the dirt underneath your fingernails and around your cuticles. I prefer nail files and scissors but see what works for you.


#9 Real Men Don't Show Off

Definitely his car. Definitely not at a car show.

It's natural for someone to be proud of what they have accomplished but sometimes, men especially if we're being honest, can be guilty of taking it too far.

Being humble and modest can be very attractive to women who sometimes feel surrounded by braggers trying to impress them. It also means at work you don't let your mouth write a cheque your butt can't cash.

I guarantee your boss will be much more impressed if you under-promise and over-deliver than the other way around.


#10 Real Men Don't Forget To Trim Their Nose Hair

It's time to check if your mustache is coming out of your face or your nose.

Another classic misconception is you can shave your facial hair and forget about the other very visible mustache growing out of your nose. There are a variety of ways you can do this from scissors to tweezers. I highly recommend a battery-powered circular trimmer for speed and comfort.

Gentlemen, tame the beast. Enough said.

So there you have it, ten habits you can avoid to instantly make yourself a better gentleman. I challenge you to elevate yourself above the men around you by taking these steps:

Give others their time to speak – don't interrupt
Blow your nose instead of picking it
Trim your neck hair
Clean up after yourself
Be confident, speak your mind
Be constructive instead of complaining
Don't spit
Keep your nails clean
Don't show off – modesty is a great look
Tame your nose hair




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