Umbra Hub Floor Length Mirror with Storage Rack, Modern Black Rubber Rim and Solid Wood Storage Ladder, Black/Natural Finish


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Umbra Hub Floor Length Mirror with Storage Rack, Modern Black Rubber Rim and Solid Wood Storage Ladder, Black/Natural Finish

MULTIFUNCTIONAL STORAGE LADDER & MIRROR: Umbra Hub Floor Mirror is creatively designed to function as a standing floor mirror and an organizational ladder that you can hang clothes and other belongings on
COMES WITH FOUR-RUNG LADDER FOR STORAGE: This standing floor mirror provides easy-to-store solutions for clothing, towels and accessories. Items can neatly and efficiently be placed while using limited floor space. The mirror in the front allows you to gather belongings on the ladder behind it, keeping your room clutter-free.
RUBBERED RIM AND SOLID WOOD LADDER: Hub’s black rubber rim adds a beautiful modern look, while also ensuring no damage to the floor. The rubber and wood used on the Hub Floor Mirror ensures durability and product longevity.
STURDY AND GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES: This moveable mirror is crafted with strong rubberwood to hold heavier items such as jeans and bags. It’s also a great size for a variety of spaces and measures 16 ¾ x 61 ¾ inches.
DESIGNED BY JORDAN MURPHY AND MATT CARR: The Hub Floor Mirror is an extension of the original Hub Mirror, a large scale, round mirror that has a unique rubber frame. The designers felt the Hub deserved an extension into a small collection, and a floor mirror seemed like a natural item to accompany the original Hub.
Material: Glass mirror with natural ash Wood

It’s so easy to accumulate a pile of clothes stacked up on a piece of furniture, piled up between clean and needing a wash. Avoid this common fate with this stylish and modern mirror and storage from Umbra. The Hub Floor Mirror, is a floor length vanity mirror that doubles as a storage rack to hold clothing, linens, and a variety of accessories. Check your reflection before heading out the door, or lay out clothes for the week on its four-rung ladder, while keeping them out of sight and easily accessible. ”Love it!!! I bought this ladder for my bedroom, for all of those clothes that are somewhere between clean and needing a wash. They had been piled up in various locations in the room, falling on the floor and/or getting wrinkled or dirty. I researched ladders extensively and finally decided to give this one a try even though it's a bit pricey. I'm so glad I did because it's perfect with my decor, it's sturdy and attractive, and it serves the purpose very well. It pulls apart to make the rungs longer if needed, and the pegs on the side are a huge bonus to hang cardigans and belts. Highly recommend!” Made of a solid rubberwood easel-backed ladder in a natural finish with a black rubber rimmed mirror, Hub is functional for a variety of spaces, thanks to its compact size and thoughtful design. It measures 16¾ x 61¾ inches (42.5 x 156.8 cm). Streamline how you get ready and organize your belonging by ordering the Hub Floor Length Mirror today.

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