Magic Multi-Layer Foldable Clothes Rack


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Magic Multi-Layer Foldable Clothes Rack
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There's no more need for you to worry about small closet spaces without the cost of customizing your closets when you have the Smart Multi-Layer Foldable Clothes Rack. It can also save space than using several hangers inside the closet.

The magic smart hanger has a non-slip feature and can be rotated at 360 degrees angle making it easy to use.
Its durability can make it super load bearing that you can hold several pieces of clothing at the same time.
You can now double your closet space while keeping your garments organized and with its shoulder-widening design, you can be confident that it will leave no trace and your clothes stay wrinkle-free.

Nothing beats that fresh and clean smell on your clothing since now you can have 8 garments air dried using just one single hanger. Made with high-quality PP, it can even carry 15 litres of water so you can find comfort that your magic hanger will surely last longer.

Even taking off your clothes is made easier with just a single press in the button that makes your life more convenient. Since it is multifunctional, it can be used for dry and wet clothing alike.


  • It is a multifunctional hanger with an 8-in-1 design
  • A real space-saver for your closet
  • Non-slip feature
  • Durable and super load bearing
  • Can be rotated by 360 degrees angle
  • With shoulder-widening design that leaves no trace
  • Take off clothes with one single button

Material: PP
Features: Expandable
Color: White/Pink